Dev Community AMA Ep. 3 | Guests: Gregory McCubbin from Dapp University

2019-11-06 01:30:00 · 3998 views · 3 min read

Whatever you want to master your blockchain development or just starting out in the dapp world, Dapp University is always your go-to place to learn and practice everything related to dapp and blockchain. 


This time, we're super pumped to have Gregory McCubbin from Dapp University join our Dev Community AMA Ep.3 and we're going to build dapps together!  We will be discussing creating blockchain applications with Ethereum, Web3.js, and Solidity smart contracts. If you are a developer who’s not familiar with how to develop on the blockchain or still get puzzled in the smart contract, this is the greatest opportunity for you to ask any technical questions! 


AMA Recap:

Part I: Selected topic from the community -- How do we design dapps for mobile users?

  • 2:26: A native application vs. A web application

  • 9:05: 1st tool you can use — Flutter, a UI toolkit for designing web & mobile apps 

  • 10:15: 2nd tool — Infura, a blockchain service platform

  • 11:48: 3rd tool — Argent, a crypto wallet for better onboarding


Part II: AMA Session -- Questions from the community

  • 13:15: How do mobile apps sign transactions?  

  • 15:15: How to use Web3.js to sign transactions?

  • 15:50: Should dapps and wallets be separate to support the most dapp browsers via web3?

  • 17:30: How can mobile dapps let users sign the transaction without signing on the app?

  • 20:11: Any hybrid solution for dapps? Any thoughts on IPFS and the DNS solutions currently being worked on?

  • 24:30: What’s the difference between building dapps on EOS and Ethererum and what’s your favorite? 

  • 26:45: Will Ethereum move away from PoW in favor of performance?

  • 28:00: Where do educational content creators like yourself get your learning done? 

  • 28:58: Bleeding-edge education tips from Gregory

  • 29:48: Dapp University’s future goal

  • 32:58: Vote for centralization or decentralization?

  • 35:33: How to leverage Google and other open-sources to learn new development knowledge when the documentation is hard to understand?

  • 37:28: What’s the first priority for a newbie developer to learn, Solidity or JavaScript?

  • 41:14: Any online community to recommend for blockchain developers?

Full Video:


About Gregory and Dapp University

Gregory McCubbin started Dapp University since 2018. It is an online bootcamp to teach you how to build your first decentralized application from scratch on the Ethereum blockchain. In each session, Gregory McCubbin shows you the step-by-step guide of building dapps, such as how to write your first Ethereum smart contract, how to write tests against the smart contract, and deploy it to the Ethereum blockchain. Also, you will learn how to develop a client-side application that interacts with the smart contract. If you are a dapp noob in blockchain, he also teaches the key concepts like "What is a blockchain" and "How does a dapp work"?.


You may check out some tutorials here and those are totally free:

Build Your First Blockchain App Using Ethereum Smart Contracts and Solidity

Code Your Own Cryptocurrency on Ethereum (ERC-20 Token)



AMA session: 

AMA will be held in Zoom channel on Friday, November 15, 2019, at 9:30 - 10:30 PM EST.  


Questions submission: 

Make sure to submit your question(s) before 9:00 AM EST on Friday, November 15, 2019. You may leave your question in the comment below or post your question in our Developer Telegram Group with a hashtag of #DappUniversityAMA


How to participate:

  1. Submit your question(s) by 9:00 AM EST on Friday, November 15, 2019;

  2. Join the Zoom channel during the AMA session on the 15th:



  • Please do not reply to other users' questions until our guests have finished answering all the selected questions.

  • Please be friendly to everyone :)

  • Gregory will answer 3-5 extra questions if there's still some time left.


Also, if you are not going to ask any questions this time but you are interested in AMA sessions, you are more than welcome to come by and check it out anytime!

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