Dapp.com AMA: Episode 2 | Highlights of Stani Kulechov, CEO and Founder of Aave and ETHLend

2018-10-26 04:54:59 · 2825 views · 2 min read

We had a fantastic AMA session with Stani Kulechov the CEO and Founder of Aave and ETHLend. A lot of good questions were asked about the future of Aave and ETHLend, Stani even went as far as to share some suggestions for startups and entrepreneurs alike. Those of you that could not be there, don't fret! We listed all the questions that were asked by the community during this very insightful AMA.

Introduction about Aave & ETHLend - 1:37

Q1: What was the void or opportunity you guys discovered that inspired the idea behind AAVE? Is ETHLend one of your first go-to-market products? 2:28

Q2: How would you describe AAVE business model and exactly how the blockchain technology works? Would it be possible without blockchain? 3:45

Q3: What have been some of the biggest challenges in building AAVE / ETHLend? 5:02

Q4: Is your team like a distributed team or all based in Crypto Valley? And how's Crypto Valley life look like? Pump into crypto celebrities every day? 8:36

Q5: Ether price is meh right now, how are you guys holding up? 10:52

Q6: Are you planning on opening more cryptocurrency options for your lending platform soon, not just ETH, maybe BTC, Litecoin, etc. ? 12:21

Q7: Which area can use the lending platform? 14:22

Q8: Are you guys applying for banking license? In Switzerland? What's your compliance strategy for those countries like the US, Japan, and Korea? 15:52

Q9: What's Avvve doing right now? Why you set up a parent company? What's your vision and goal for your business? 16:40

Q10: What is the goal of Lend Token and Ecosystem? 18:42

Q11: Is there anything interesting when you set up and operate ETHLend? Curious about if there has a legend behind you?21:46

Q12:  Care to share a bit about your management style and company culture? What's the lesson you've learned from building Aave? And what will be advice for you to give to blockchain entrepreneurs? 24:26

Q13: Will ETHLend include Bitcoin, EOS or other major cryptocurrencies from blockchain platforms other than Ethereum? 26:46

Q14: I would like to know what are the products Aave is developing and why, why launching new products? and also, what are the future plans of the company? 27:56

Q15: What are the benefits of using ETHLend over other alternatives? and what will require for ETHLends volume to explode? 29:37

Q16: Will AAVE Lending (for institutions), AAVE Custody ( for VC, ICO's, hedge funds and institutions), AAVE Clearing (for institutional investors and businesses) require to buy/spend LEND token to access/use/interact AAVE Lending, Custody and Clearing? 32:44

Q17: With the launch of Aave, you announced you were developing multiple products, could you tell which one is your favorite and the one you think has the biggest potential? 34:45

Q18: What is the hardest thing about working in the blockchain industry? what is the most attractive aspect of it? 36:40

Q19: What projects are you following right now? any recommendations on projects we should be keeping an eye on? 38:08

Q20: Will you consider to get LEND listed on more popular exchanges, like Huobi, Bithumb? 40:16

Q21: What is your opinion on Roadmaps? Do you think they are an appropriate tool for startups? 41:17

Q22: I'd like to know how do you spread your dapp? Have you done something in marketing sales? How do you get your first bunch of core users? 45:18

Q23: What makes you better than your competitor? There are some out there who has the same platform/concept as yours but then ETHLEND seems the top 1. And also, do you think ETHLEND will survive in terms of the vulnerability of the market? There are lots of projects who just come and go and didn't succeed. 50:28

Q24: Do you think influential people in this industry has a big role in the success of any company? 52:26

Q25: The contract is deployed on the Ethereum network and is a contract between the peer to peer that engage in the contract. If an exploit is found in the smart contract that holds the loan and collateral and the funds are taken who is responsible for the losses? 54:53

Q26: What do you think about the tether and usdc? 57:59

Q27: Africa seems to be a major hotbed for cryptocurrencies. I would like to know what plans Aave has for this region? 1:01:28

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