Dapp That Keep on Giving

2019-11-25 06:43:41 · 7364 views · 3 min read

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! 


This Thanksgiving, we would like to share a special thank you to our community, whether you are a buidler, a dapp aficionado, or just curious about what on earth dapps are. We appreciate all of you for inspiring us and helping Dapp.com grow. 


And since it’s a holiday season, you shouldn’t feel guilty about having a bit more dapp shenanigans and also don’t forget to give thanks and give back — here are our “thanks and giving” picks just for you.


Make charitable bitcoin deposits on Blockcharity

Giving Tuesday is coming up and Blockcharity makes giving back a little easier. By utilizing Blockstack technology and the Lightning Network, Blockcharity is a platform that helps charitable organizations to fundraise through cryptocurrency with low fees and costs. 


With Blockcharity, charities can have more immediate access to the funds, and users can donate bitcoin to charities via Lightning. Also, Blockcharity will be able to easily verified public records and discourage people from making claims before any transactions take place — the donation process, as well as donation history, just couldn't be any transparent. 


If you’d like to make a donation on Blockcharity, you can log in with your Blockstack ID, select a charity, and transfer bitcoin from your lighting enabled wallet. 


Create and share your homemade recipes on Culinary

T minus four days until Thanksgiving. How is your dinner planning going? 


Building on top of the Blockstack Network, Culinary is an online cookbook where you can create and store your homemade recipes and share it with your friends in the most secure way. And not just the recipes, your personal information will be also stored on decentralized storage safely and securely, so no one can steal your data or your mom’s salted pumpkin caramels recipe without your permission!


This year, let’s use Culinary for all the food ideas and recipes. And don’t forget to share with us, because we need some inspo from you! 


Newfang gives dapp developers a brand new cloud storage experience

Choosing storage is one of the most important things when it comes to building a dapp. Thankfully, Newfang is here to help you minimize the work. 


Newfang is an EOS-based decentralized cloud storage platform. If you are already familiar with IPFS or Storj, you will be no stranger to Newfang. It provides a low-cost service with a developer-friendly integration experience — it makes the integration process as simple as possible for every dapp developer to use the platform and SDK. Also, developers will be able to store files and stuff securely without any extra hassles. 


Currently, Newfang offers free storage and bandwidth under its Alpha version. Not sure where to begin? Newfang has a demo here and you can check it out. 


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