Dapp Store VIP Beta Test Is Completed!

2019-09-10 20:05:00 · 2833 views · 3 min read

Last week, we invited a group of VIPs to test out the unreleased version of Dapp Store. It was the first time for them to have a chance to experience our beta. It’s absolutely important for us to see what it’s like to be a first-time user and experience the brand new product (or world) through their eyes. 


The purpose of Dapp Store beta testing is to experience the onboarding process of using an EOS dapp. Our testers loved the function that allows them to use dapp without having to install any tools. They also loved the SUMO game! 



Some instant reviews: 


"Well, it was easy. I entered my login details and went to my account and it (the new EOS account) was it - ready. So yeah, easy onboarding and I was able to play the first game right away. I think when you link more games/dapps it’ll gain even more popularity." — Alex from 0xGames 


"I just created my EOS wallet on Dapp.com and it was a seamless experience." — David from Everipedia 


"This is a game-changer, which will greatly reduce the complexities of onboarding new Dapp users. Awesome experience to create an EOS account with DAPP."  — Laura from Trust Dice


"Your web wallet is very easy to use. It can significantly reduce the onboarding process for web dapp users. It will lower the bar of playing games across different blockchains, for example, I wouldn't to download a MetaMask just for playing My Crypto Heroes, but if I can play multiple games on different blockchains with only one click on the platform, I would give a try." — Bo from EOS Silicon Valley


"No pop-up windows, no delays anymore, every action is so smooth on the Dapp Store. Looking forward to seeing more excellent games on Dapp Store. Also, deposit EOS into the account is convenient, only need to scan the QR code via your mobile wallet!" — Martin from TokenPocket


"I just gave it a try and the account creation was very easy, great job there. I look forward to additional games being added! Initial prompt with instructions when I enter the game would help. I didn't know what I was playing at first lol." — Zach from Sutler Ventures


"Not sure how to start a new game after I won it on SUMO but I love it so far. No withdraw but I guess that gets fixed. Maybe a little corner somewhere put the tx link to that game result on the page. 2 factor in the future as well if you want some whales on the platform. But everything is smooth, great job." — Frej from EOSBet


"I am navigating through the website it looks very cool! If a user clicks DAPP icon to play, converting token option pops up to start. Also, one-click buy DAPPT button will be needed. One key to access all dapps around the world." — Sean from EOS42


"I like the last line which tells them how the account will be hosted (since in your opening paragraph you say all accounts must be opened by a previous account). The process was easy how you have it set up."  — Zane from EOS Radio


"Even I am a non-dapp developer can also intuitively use the dapp store feature and experience dapp faster and easier. It's pretty hard for me to create a wallet with EOS Scatter, now it's easy to create a wallet on Dapp Store by clicking a button! It's much easier than I thought! I could finally introduce to my friends of all these dapp functions in an easy and elegant way.Vicky, YouTuber @Crypto Eye


“Dapp.com invited us to beta test their new Dapp Store that promises to provide users with access to different dapps from different blockchains with just 1 account! The EOS integration we tried is smooth and easy and we are excited for the upcoming official release of their Dapp Store! This is a fantastic step towards the mass adoption of gaming on the EOS public network! ” Stephane Bisson from EOS Nation


"Sumo game seemed slow but loaded in the browser and I was already logged in with my Dapp.com EOS account. That was a good experience."  Ashe, Crypto Economist & Liberty Entrepreneur  


"I love your solutions making things much easier for the end-user and allowing them to use apps more seamlessly. Philip from EOS Detroit


Alright, back to work now and please stay tuned for our next update. We just can't wait to show you the Dapp Store! 

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