Dapp.com x Cubego Giveaway: Enter to win an exclusive DappGon Unicorn

2018-11-13 21:02:09 · 6449 views · 5 min read

Cubego, the newest decentralized game developed by the team behind Ethermon, is a place where players indulge their creativity in turning their imagination into reality. Players are supplied with different materials with various colors and textures called “Cubego” to craft their own characters and bring them to life. Thanks to the blockchain, players also have complete ownership over their creations.

Every character is unique from looks to abilities and is up to the players to decide what materials to pick since they are a key factor to their characters’ power. More precious materials yield a greater chance to create more powerful characters.

The Cubego Pre-sale will start from 24th November. The pre-sale will give everyone an opportunity to obtain precious and limited materials including Legendary, Epic, and Rare Cubegoes as well as special Cubegonsm, which give them not only an edge in combat when Cubegon Arena is released but also a massive value accumulated to the Cubegons they build.

Today we are excited to announce the partnership between Dapp.com and Cubego.io. With the new partnership with the team behind Cubego and the great game Etheremon, we are committed to our goal to help developers and communities speed up the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, so that everyone can use dapps on a daily basis.

To celebrate this, we are giving away a Unicorn Cubegon named DappGon. Share and to have a chance in getting one!


Winner Prize

Exclusive Dappgon – A powerful Champion Cubegon (worth over 2 ETH)
DappGon carries Epic and Rare Cubegoes such as Gold, Silver, and Wood

  • Other prizes: 100 EMONT tokens for 20 other lucky players


Let's say cheers to our partnership and here’s how to enter to win the DappGon unicorn:
1. Follow Cubego (@cubego_io) and Dapp.com (@dapp_com) Twitter.
2. Sign up on Cubego.io/account
3. Retweet our Twitter announcement post: http://bit.ly/2DFnLtD


The event will start today and run until 21 November, 11:59 pm (UTC time)

Winners will be announced on Dapp.com & Cubego Twitter.

We hope you’re all as excited as we are! Good luck!

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