4 DeFi Tokens Bull Last Week. The On-Chain Data Have Revealed The Bullish Signal Ahead?

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Last week, the DeFi and crypto market is bulling. The top DeFi projects and their tokens are showing substantial growth. If you are following their on-chain data on dapp.com, you must know that ahead of their token price rise, these DeFi projects have revealed the bullish signal.



So in this week’s Dapp Dot Tuesday we are going through all the hot DeFi, as well as NFT and some interesting news about decentralized social media.




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Is $1 Billion A Day in Volume the 'New Normal' for Uniswap?

Uniswap could be averaging $1 billion in daily trade volume soon with the majority of trades occurring between Ethereum and stablecoins.



Bullish Signal - Uniswap transaction volume break $1 billion on 11st Jan. $UNI token broke its ATH at $13.01 on 26th Jan.



You can see a similar trend of the $UNI token price curve and Uniswap’s on-chain data curves

(The black spot line indicates the token price.)



The vested share of Uniswap has already valued at more than $500 million. Unsiwap’s founder Hayden Adams tweeted on 19th Jan to source feedback on how the DEX should allocate its $500 million governance treasury. 



“What are some of the most impactful ways governance can allocate this UNI?” Adams asked the community. What’s your advice?



3x Bitcoin Price, Now $DIGG Is the Most Expensive Cryptocurrency

What token is the most expensive token in the crypto world? BTC? YFI? ALL NO! It is DIGG which just goes live for 4 days. Starting at $51,194, $DIGG soared to $93,637 ATH, which is 3 times of $BTC price



$DIGG is the synthetic rebasing Bitcoin issued by BadgerDAO. It’s an elastic supply cryptocurrency that’s pegged to the price of Bitcoin. BadgerDAO has started its $DIGG airdrop to users who used BadgerDAO. 



We introduced BadgerDAO, $badger and $DIGG in this article Badger= BTC + AMPL + YFI? Bring Bitcoin into DeFi! on 7th Dec. At that time, $BADGER price is just $3, now it is $16. At that time, $DIGG has not lived yet, but we have introduced to you that DIGG is a very important part of BadgerDAO. Those users who have read our article about BadgerDAO before and used it once must be very happy because you guys all got $DIGG airdrop!



How does Badger’s data performance react?

(The black spot line indicates the token price.)



Bullish Signal - Badger’s social signal, users and transactions start to increase since 4th Jan. The social signal has shown a high correlation with the $BADGER token price. You can see the high correlation between its $BADGER token price and the social signal, on-chain users and transactions.



$AAVE Broke its ATH at $280.71 on 24th Jan

Bullish signal - Aave Protocol volume reached $461M on 30th Dec, $AAVE token price started to bull since then, breaking its ATH over $280.

(The black spot line indicates the token price.)



Aave Protocol’s on-chain performance grew a lot in the past 7 days. 7d volume increased by 86.41%; 7d users increased by 21.60%; 7d transactions increased by 12.59%.



$REN Token Price Booming

Decentralized finance protocol Ren’s $REN token price has increased by 124.6% in the past 30 days. Ren is an open protocol that enables the permissionless and private transfer of value between any blockchain. Its 7d volume has increased by 16.21%.

Check the same trend of the token price (black spot line) and its on-chain users/transaction data. 



An Ultra-Rare “Alien” CryptoPunk Is Ultra-Expensive!

An ultra-rare “alien” CryptoPunk has sold today for 605 ETH, worth over $750,000 at the price of selling. 

CryptoPunks are all NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Punk has unique attributes, such as background color, accessories, and even some ultra-rare features, such as an “alien” or “zombie” appearance. 



The Punk that sold at 605 ETH, #2890, is one of nine alien Punks in existence. We’ve introduced the 10 most expensive NFT and the No.1 at that time of writing was CryptoKitties’ Dragon sold at 600 ETH. This Punk sale breaks the record.

CryptoPunks’ social signal is also growing significantly in January. Its volume reached daily ATH on 23rd Jan at $5.17M. The 30d volume hits 19.01M, which makes it No.1 in the Top 30 Marketplace Ecosystem by 30d Volume.



Decentralzied Twitter Is Coming?


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wants to decentralize social media. 



As a noted fan of Bitcoin’s use of decentralization to strengthen the blockchain network, he is working with those deep within decentralized tech on a new project called Bluesky. Dorsey plans to build it as a “decentralized standard for social media”.



The team announced several tweets about the project review on January 22.

You must have known that Twitter has permanently banned then-President Donald Trump from the platform. What would the decentralized “Twitter” be like? Are we going to vote to ban a President’s account? Or never be able to ban anyone’s account?



Bluesky doesn’t yet have a roadmap—and it’s looking for a project lead. Moreover, as the review paper indicates, the team is looking at ways to monetize a decentralized platform at the application, provider and/or protocol level. It’s just at the very beginning and has a long way to go.

Both EOS (Block.One) CEO Brendan Blumer and TRON CEO Justin Sun have left comments under Jack’s Tweet about his plan of this decentralized social media, expressing their willingness to cooperate.



Currently, the top 3 blockchains in the decentralized social media market are EOS, Steem and Hive. Who do you think will win the competition?


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