Dapp.com Q2 2019 Dapp Market Report

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Q2 2019 Dapp Market Report summarizes the most comprehensive data and provides insights into 6 mainstream blockchains — Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Steem, TomoChain, and IOST — they represent the whole blockchain ecosystem with the most active users in the market.


Key Highlights:


Overall Market

  • Dapp stays strong in Q2 with a total transaction volume of $3.28 billion, slightly higher than the amount in Q1 this year. 

  • Slow down from the bull market? No. The number of active users (1,159,482), the amount of transactions made ($324.63M), amount of transaction volume in Q2 had reached the all-time high

  • 484 new dapps have entered the market this quarter. Ethereum is still the first choice for developers, followed by TRON and EOS. Newly launched blockchains like TomoChain and IOST are quickly expanding but the first tier blockchains have already gone way ahead. 

  • Users are getting active. Over 700,000 new users started using dapps (at least once) in Q2 - the highest ever in one quarter. And among the 6 blockchains, over 35% of the existing dapp users used dapps at least once in Q2 - also the highest ever


Ethereum Dapps

  • Ethereum dapps and their users are more diverse compared to the others. 70% of the users used decentralized exchanges, social dapps, finance dapps, etc., instead of gambling and involved in high-risk investment products. 

  • Ethereum is still the number one choice for developers to build decentralized apps in Q2. 

  • The Ethereum dapp users are back! User activeness has a strong correlation with ETH price - the higher the price, the more Ethereum dapp users. And more token holders are converted to dapp users as the price keep going up since mid of May 2019. 


EOS Dapps

  • Most active dapp user community - almost 65% of the existing EOS dapp users are active in Q2. And 33.36% of the EOS token holders used EOS dapps, which is the second highest. 

  • Over 80% of the EOS dapps stayed active in Q2, the second most active of all blockchains after TRON. 


Steem Dapps

  • The Steem apps are built and operated as long-lasting projects. All the active Steem app in Q1 were still active in Q2. 

  • The Steem community is getting less active and the grow (of content contributors) is getting slow. User activeness has dropped by 20%. 


TRON Dapps

  • TRON is the most active blockchain for dapps. TRON dapps are the most active and TRON also has the largest amount of active dapp users over Ethereum and EOS. 82% (338 out of 412) of the TRON dapps are active and 445,054 TRX holders used dapps in Q2. 

  • The higher the TRX price, there are less transactions made to the TRON dapps. TRON is the only blockchain in the report who has a negative correlation between token price and dapp usage. 

  • Over 300,000 new accounts used TRON dapps in Q2. TRON did the most successful job to get their dapps out to the public and expand their user base. 


TomoChain Dapps

  • Over 60% of the TomoChain dapp users used finance dapps. Most of the dapp users were driven by TomoMaster, the governance dapp for TomoChain. 

  • Over 70% of the transaction volume was contributed by the finance dapps. There is a huge difference compared to the other blockchains where gambling and high-risk dapps took huge place at the early stage. 


IOST Dapps

  • The IOST blockchain has recorded a total transaction amount of 20.58 million, triple the amount of Ethereum's in Q2. 

  • IOST has 15,000 dapp users within its first 3 months since the mainnet launch - the same scale as EOS in its first 3 months. 


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