Dapp.com Integrates Tracking of Fuse Network

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We are thrilled to announce that Dapp.com has officially added Fuse Network Ecosystem to our platform as the 22nd blockchain we support. All the live Fuse dapps on the mainnet can now be discovered in the Fuse List.



Dapp.com has already become one of the top 10 node validators of the Fuse Network, everyone could stake their $FUSE token into the Dapp.com Node for up to 100% APY via the Dapp.com Earn Program



Infrastructure Built For Micro-Economies


The FUSE Network is an Ethereum-compatible, payment-centric blockchain that empowers entrepreneurs and businesses around the world to bring the power of open-source cash to the masses. Projects such as WikiBank (Donation app for the Spanish city of Sevilla), GoodDollar (UBI project by eToro), Mystic Valley (Blockchain-based payment solution for music festival), etc are some of the existing Micro-Economies Powered by Fuse. 



Fuse Network has already finished its stage one of infrastructure development by launching these apps across Ethereum and Fuse Network. 



  • Fuse Studio - B2B Tool to Build Blockchain-based Money

The Fuse Studio is the flagship product of the Fuse Ecosystem - allowing users to easily launch and operate new payment communities which include minting alternative currencies either as the main form of payment or in order to create incentivization systems. The Fuse Studio also offers a full set of management and onboarding tools for Fuse-powered apps through integration with fiat on-ramps such as Ramp Network, and community management functionality. 

(Launch a Fuse-powered dapp with a white-label solution) 


  • FuseSwap - Cross-chain Asset Bridge and AMM DEX on Fuse Network

Interested in moving assets to Fuse Network for low cost, high-speed trading experience? Introducing FuseSwap which serves as both a bridge to and from Ethereum as well as an AMM-based decentralized exchange (inspired by Uniswap) on Fuse Network. 

(FuseSwap, as the Uniswap on Fuse Network)



The Fuse Bridge allows you to move your ERC-20 assets (eg. WETH, USDC, DAI, wBTC etc.) to the Fuse Network within minutes and you only need to pay a small amount of fee on Ethereum. Once the asset has arrived on Fuse, you will also instantly get Free $FUSE tokens for gas, which allows you to transact freely on FuseSwap and other dapps. 


  • Fuse Wallet - User-friendly Crypto Wallet for Fuse and Ethereum Assets




Fuse-Powered Micro-Economies


With all the powerful tools ready, the barriers of entry for entrepreneurs to launch wallets, payments services, loyalty programs, and many other systems that were previously powered by paper, has been lowered with Fuse. 



The idea of launching Fuse-powered micro-economies has been well-proven by some of the most recognized projects.  



GoodDollar - Universal Basic Income (UBI) launched by eToro


Basic income is a long-standing idea of giving everyone a recurring cash payment. Outside of the cryptosphere, UBI has been tested by various governments around the world as part of programs in which every adult citizen receives a set amount of money on a regular basis. And, GoodDollar has turned this idea into a sustainable money flow on Fuse Network, leveraging the ingenious technology behind decentralized networks and smart-contracts



While some decentralized UBI programs struggled to take off due to unsustainable models, GoodDollar empowers DeFi protocols like Compound and AAVE to mint reserve-backed assets, G$, as basic income to users. 

(Support of the GoodDollar to stake their $DAI to compound for yield and also mint G$) 


Discover more exciting dapps in the Fuse dapp ranking. Or see Fuse's growing performance compared with other layer one blockchains at Fuse Market Overview




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