[Recap] Dapp.com Developer Meetup 2019 in Taiwan

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Last week, Dapp.com, ABM (Asia Blockchain Media), and Klaytn host the first-ever meetup for dapp developers in Taiwan — the first stop of Dapp.com’s global developer community! 


Dapp.com, ABM, and Klaytn Host the First-Ever Dapp Developer Meetup in Taiwan

Developers from Klaytn, EOS, Ethereum, and TRON exchanged insightful ideas with their fellow Taiwanese developers in this meetup. And the core team from Klaytn — the blockchain backed by Korean network giant Kakao came all the way to Taiwan for the very first time to share the efficient speed and excellent performance of Klaytn!


Also, we're super pumped to announce our first cooperation with ABM (ABMedia) in Taiwan to gather top-tier developers together to build the future of blockchain in Asia. We will have further cooperation in Taiwan to provide the most complete blockchain industry's information.

(From left to right: Asia Blockchain Accelerator Director - Michael, Klaytn BD Manager - Yoshi Shin, Founder of Badwater Capital - Kenny,  Assistant Professor of National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) - Ju-Chun, Ko, STAR BIT Marketing Director - James)


(From left to right: Asia Blockchain Accelerator Director - Michael, Founder of EOSCity.io - Chester, Founder of Dapp Pocket - Anderson, Co-founder & CEO of portto - Lee Hsuan, Unity Chain Researcher - Juin Chiu) 


Assistant Professor of the University of Science and Technology, Ju-Chun Ko shared that due to the distrust of the government and financial institutions, the blockchain is like a secret virtual bank, which returns the ownership of the assets to the users. However, when users want to keep the assets themselves, they are not safe. 


Lee Hsuan, the Co-founder and CEO of portto added that the private key storage is a big problem that the user experience is difficult to avoid. 


Klaytn BD Manager, Yoshi Shin claimed that for user security, the blockchain platform developed by large enterprises has a certain degree of advantage.


Dapp.com Q2 Report Shows that Etheruem Is Still the Developer of Choice

In addition to exclusive close-knit Klaytn's technology sharing, Annie Huang, the developer community lead of Dapp.com also shared the global developer community's vision and Q2 Dapp Market report.


According to Dapp.com's quarterly report, dapp maintained a strong performance in the second quarter, with a total transaction volume of $3.28 billion, which was the highest in history. A total of 484 new dapps entered the market this quarter, and Ethereum remained the preferred choice for developers to build dapp in the second quarter, followed by TRON, and EOS.


More than 700,000 new users started using dapp in the second quarter, the highest quarterly record ever. In the 6 blockchains, more than 35% of existing dapp users have used dapps, which is the highest ever.

(Annie Huang, the developer lead of Dapp.com) 


In conclusion, the second quarter of dapp market was still active for the existing blockchain users, but it still a nitch market for the centralized world user, and this the problem even the dominant public blockchain Ethereum should face.


Also, Annie shared some points of view for developers that the volume of transactions can only be used as a reference and not all. Gambling projects require high-frequency trading, which will significantly increase the trading data on the chain, while DeFi-type applications do not require high-frequency trading, so there is no such significant impact on the volume of trading data on the chain.


$1 Million Klaytn Horizon Hackathon Looking for Real-World Blockchain Applications

Kakao, the company behind Klaytn, shared the market vision for developers in the meetup. Klaytn has a large user base and brand image in the world. Klaytn's architecture is similar to Libra and it is maintained by 30 large enterprises as nodes to maintain account security. 

(Yoshi and Eric, from Klaytn)


With these brand advantages, users' insecurities can be reduced. And promote users to adopt blockchain technology and applications. The advantage of the market side, Klaytn wallet will be built in after KakaoTalk and Samsung have launched its exclusive Klaytn Phone.

In the afternoon's workshop, Klyatn shared how to use their SDK to build on Klaytn. Klaytn provides caver.js (similar to web3.js) and EVM compatible. They also provides unique EOA architecture, an account can bind multiple private keys. 


Now the platform currency is KLAY, and they offer a total of $1,000,000 bonus to Dapp/Bapp developers for the Klaytn Horizon competition, expected to end at the end of October.



If you're a developer or you're curious about the blockchain application development in general, you can find a perfect developer community ecology here — we gather the world's top-tier developers from EOS, TRON, Etherum, Blockstack, Klaytn, and etc from all over the world. We value all the dapp developers and all the blockchains, build the connections with each other. We find the insight behind the data that could expand the market of dapps, and then we build the developer community together. 


Want to join us? All you have to do is join us on discord channel and be open-minded about the fast-paced learning curve, enjoy our community!


Stay tuned for our next event! 

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