Dapp.com Dev Community AMA Ep. 4 | Guests: Mumble and OpenIntents

2019-11-21 08:10:00 · 7473 views · 3 min read

We had our very first monthly AMA with three dapp creators from the Blockstack community and we learned a lot from our guests about user privacy, security, and digital freedom. This time, we are very excited to have David Yap of Mumble and Friedger Muffke of OpenIntents (OI Chat) join Dapp.com Dev Community AMA to answer all the questions from the community in our zoom call! 


Ever wondered how the teams decided to start building dapps on Blockstack? What it feels like to be Can’t Be Evil advocator? What are their upcoming projects? Mark your calendar because this is your time to get all those answered. 


Here's the Full Video If You Missed the AMA: 


About Our Guests

David Yap from Mumble

David is a product manager, user interaction and experience designer based in Malaysia. He is a strategic creative leader in designing memorable user experience for emerging products and brands that creates a better and fairer future for everyone. David is involved in the product development of new emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain that led him to collaborate with a startup from ideation to end product.


He currently advises and works as a product user interaction and experience designer for companies that are interested in blockchain, distributed workforce and web3 to help people to be able to access opportunities all over the world without being limited to their circumstances. David’s largest contribution to his belief is while working for a decentralized economy called Canya as a product designer. Canya ultimately raised $12M. After that, most of David’s works are in the blockchain industry, helping blockchain companies to deliver a complicated product in a very easy user experience for people who have little to non-experience in the technicality of the technology. These also include two of Blockstack’s most successful dapp like Graphite and Dmails.


Friedger Muffke from OI Chat

Friedger is an open-source enthusiast having contributed to many Android projects and runs the OI Chat node. OI Chat is a web client for the decentralized communication network matrix.org enabling Blockstack users to connect to 7m+ users.



AMA session: 

AMA will be held in Dapp.com Dev Telegram and Discord group and Blockstack community and app channel on Slack via Zoom on Wednesday, December 4, 2019, at 8:00 - 9:00 AM EST.

Questions submission: 

Before 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, submit your question(s) in the Dapp.com Dev Telegram with #BlockstackAMA.

How to participate:

  1. Zoom link: https://zoom.us/my/blockstack.community

  2. Our guests will answer your questions in Dapp.com Dev Telegram and Discord group and Blockstack community and app channel on Slack!


  • Please do not reply to other users' questions until our guests have finished answering all the selected questions.

  • Be precise with your questions.

  • Please be friendly to everyone :)

  • Guests will answer 3-5 extra questions if there's still some time left.


About Blockstack

Blockstack is a full-stack decentralized computing network that enables a new generation of applications where developers and users can interact fairly and securely. It allows users to own their own data and take it with them from app to app in the ecosystem, along with their Blockstack ID that eliminates the need for password-based logins.


More than 4 years of R&D with a team of Princeton PhDs and peer-reviewed papers led to Blockstack developer tools and a decentralized ecosystem. These tools offer an easy-to-use, scalable way for developers to build secure blockchain-powered applications and for users to easily connect with these applications. Over 7,000 members in the community of enthusiasts and developers have built more than 270 independent apps on the network with more being added every day through App Mining.


And Can't Be Evil Part 3 Is Live!

Join Blockstack in moving the internet forward! We’re looking for developers and entrepreneurs that want to help end data breaches, predatory ad models, and the commoditization & abuse of individuals’ digital identities. Enter the ‘Can’t Be Evil’ contest by submitting an app that is private by default, leaves the user in full control of their data, and protects their fundamental digital rights. In other words, submit a Blockstack app and take your first steps into a growing ecosystem that is flipping the status quo on its head.


This online contest will run until the submission deadline on December 18th, 2019, and will reward a total of $15,000+ to apps in each of the following three categories: Most Fun, Best use of a Twilio API in a Blockstack App, and Best Designed Lightning Enabled App. Don't miss out! 


If you are not going to ask any questions this time but you are interested in Dapp.com AMA sessions, you are more than welcome to come by and check it out anytime!

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