Dapp.com Creative Contest Winner Announcement

2019-08-27 02:48:00 · 3381 views · 3 min read

Creativity wins the day!

With 100,000+ votes cast — for 100+ artworks — across 30+ dapp communities, the coolest creative contest in the dapp world has come to an end, and we're extremely excited to announce the winners of 2019 Dapp.com Creative Contest! 


"We're amazed by how talented and creative our community is, and much thanks to everyone for taking the time to create, vote, and celebrate our first birthday. It was really fun and inspiring! We look forward to creating more campaigns and events that engage our community, and providing more informative resources including dapp ranking, reviews, and reports in the future.” said Dapp.com Founder and CEO, Kyle Lu.


And 400K+ DAPPT, $TRX, $TOMO, $WCK, and NFTs Goes to….


Top 10 Creative Artwroks

TRON's Favorite Top 10

TOMO'S Favorite Top 10

Dapp.com's Favorite Top 3

TOMO's Top 3 Most Creative Dapps

Special  Awards - Top 3 CrypotKitties-centric Artworks


Thank you again to all the participants!

More fun and perks coming at Dapp.com community, stay tuned!


BONUS:A free LocalEthereum trade to every contestant!

You will get a notification email from LocalEthereum this week so don't forget to check your inbox!

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