Dapp.com 2019 Annual Dapp Market Report

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Key Highlights:

Overall Market:

  • In 2019, the total volume in terms of the native tokens from 9 leading blockchains has reached $10B USD (excluding non-native blockchain token eg. ERC-20 token transactions). It has increased by 58.5% compared to the amount in 2018.

  • There are more than 3.26B transactions that occurred among these blockchains in 2019, of which EIDOS on EOS alone contributed 2,386,915,405 transactions. Excluding EIDOS, the rest of the 2,216 active dapps have generated 872M transactions in 2019.

  • The number of active dapp users in 2019 has doubled compared to 2018, from 1.48M to 3.11M. There are 2.77M new users who experienced decentralized apps. User retention is still a problem for dapps - there are only 348K old users remaining active in 2019, accounting for 11% of all active users.

  • Financial services (eg. lending dapps) have the most impressive user growth in 2019. The number of financial dapp users has increased by 610% and the transaction volume has increased by 251%.

  • The amount of gambling users has increased by 372%, with its volume doubled. The amount of high-risk dapp user growth is also 372%, with its volume up 218%.

  • The amount of blockchain gaming users has a great increase of 162% as expected since 2018. More gaming products are launched targeting a border market. However, the investment hype (or presale hype) of dapp games has weakened, its volume has also decreased significantly - a 60% drop compared to 2018.


  • In 2019, we recorded a total of 1,445 new dapps launched on the 6 largest smart contract platforms, of which 690 are Ethereum-based and 411 are built on TRON, which is far ahead. The amount of active dapp users for Ethereum and TRON has also started to form a sharp gap with EOS.

  • The EOS dapps almost generated a volume of $5B, nearly 50% of the total volume and surpassed Ethereum and TRON and became the top one in 2019.

  • Ethereum has over 1.4 million active dapp users throughout the year, including 1.28M new users and 137K old users, which accounted for 10% of the total amount of active users. EOS's old users account for 23% of the total active users. TRON has the lowest among the 6 blockchains - only 2% of the total 967K active TRON dapp users in 2019 were active in 2018.

  • EOS dapp has the highest activity among all the platforms: 479 out of 493 dapps were active, reaching 97%. Steem dapps had the second-highest activity, which was 87%. Ethereum and Neo dapps were the two dapps with respectively the lowest activity, which were 62% and 62.5%. 


  • The number of TRON's Mainnet accounts has grown significantly with 3,261,492 new accounts due to its effort on partnerships, including the issuance of TRC-20 standard USDT and getting support from Samsung and Opera. According to Tether’s data, the number of TRON-based USDT has exceeded $900M, which is nearly 20% of the total USDT supply.

  • Among the 6 blockchains included in the report, EOS had the highest dapp usage rate from its mainnet accounts - 48.91%. This means that there was 1 account that uses EOS dapps in every 2 accounts activated. 

  • Among the 6 blockchains, dapp was less favorable by the Neo users. There were less than 10% active addresses in 2019 that interacted with Neo dapps.

  • In 2019, Gambling and high-risk dapps are still the most popular dapps for developers, with more than 900 dapps launched combined. The number of new users’ growth of gambling is the most significant - with over 1.1M new users. Gambling dapp is the only type of application that has over 1 million new users, which is more than the total amount of dapp users on Ethereum in 2018. 

  • DeFi dapps (Finance dapps and DEXs) are the second-largest category of dapp in the whole dapp ecosystem, with a total of over 1M active users in 2019. 

  • High-risk dapps has the lowest user retention rate. Only 2% of its old users from 2018 still participated in the same category of dapp

  • In the first 3 quarters of 2019, the number of active users, transactions, and volume were rather stable with a slightly down-trend since April. 

  • There was a significant change that occurred in the Q4 since EIDOS was launched on EOS.  The number of transactions has increased by more than 4 times since its launch, which seriously affected other dapps and dapp users in the EOS ecosystem. We will further analyze the impact of EIDOS in the EOS section below.

  • Among all the categories, social dapp was the only one that lost users in 2019. And gaming dapp was one that dropped the most in terms of transaction volume —  compared to 2018, the volume of gaming dapp went down nearly 64%.


  • By the end of 2019, only 199 out of the 1,468 dapps launched in 2018 remain active. The one-year survival rate of new dapps in 2018 was 38.2%, while the one-year survival rate of new dapps in 2019 is only 31%.

  • Gambling dapp was the one with the most daily active users among other dapps. 50% of daily active dapp users were gamblers, and almost 40% of the total number of active users were gambling dapp users.

  • From this chart below that we can see EOS was the one that has the most active users before November 2019, with average daily active users of 79,749. But the number dropped to 15,363 users per day, fell more than 80%. TRON has become the blockchain with the largest amount of daily active users since November


 Ethereum Dapps:

  • Nearly half of active Ethereum dapp users have used DeFi dapps in 2019. 70% of the volume generated by the native ETH token was the use of decentralized exchanges and financial services, such as lending and etc. 

  • Ethereum is still the first choice for game developers. In 2019, ETH had more than 200K gamers, which was twice the sum of EOS and TRON gamers.


EOS Dapps:

  • After EIDOS went live on November 1, the number of average daily active dapps has changed from 192 to 135.5, which is a 30% drop.

  • Prior to November, EOS was the blockchain with the largest number of daily active users. There was an average of nearly 80,000 (79,749) users using dapps on EOS every day. Ever since EIDOS has launched, EOS’s DAU has dropped dramatically to an average of 15,363, which is an 80% decrease

  • EIDOS had an amount of 14,606 unique on-chain users (who participated in the EIDOS mining) in 2019, which was only 2.8% of the total active user on EOS. But it has contributed 85% of the total amount of transaction of EOS in 2019. 

  • The EOS ecosystem has suffered another great loss in Q4 2019. Most of the leading and most active dapps built on EOS, including EOSbet (Earnbet), Prospectors and Karma announced migration to the newly launched Wax blockchain.


TRON Dapps:

  • In 2019, TRON has officially become the second-largest dapp ecosystem in terms of the number of dapps and active users, second only to Ethererum. TRON accrued nearly 1M active dapp users in 2019. 

  • The gambling dapps and high-risk dapps still dominated the whole TRON ecosystem. Over 75% of the active users and volume came from these two categories. 

  • There were two milestones of the TRON ecosystem in 2019: Justin Sun’s investment in the cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex and Bittorrent’s acquisition of DLive, the world's largest decentralized live streaming platform. According to the data from SimilarWeb, DLive's has monthly traffic of over 3 million. And we’ve recorded DLive’s 400,000+ on-chain users on the Lino blockchain within 3 months prior to the acquisition. We will be expecting to see more diversity of TRON’s dapp users in 2020.


Full Report:

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