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What would you do if you are only allowed to use crypto payment today?



A wise choice is to check Cryptospots first, an interactive map of businesses that accept digital assets.



It marks the merchants all around the world that accept crypto payment, so you can find the nearest one.



Live in Tokyo? Have lunch at the first restaurant in Japan that brought Bitcoins to Japanese retail early in 2013. Or if you happen to live in Moscow, you can even get a tattoo and just pay with Bitcoin.



If you are not satisfied with the shops around you, then plan a trip away on Travala with crypto payment.



You might not be able to realize an oversea trip in this special period, but have plenty of time to plan it at home, looking through all the attractive destinations and guides on Travala. 



Pay for your accommodation anywhere in the world seamlessly using your favorite crypto. BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, LTC, EOS… over 20 cryptos are supported. One of a thing on your “To-do List after Quarantine” could be shopping the world with crypto.



Another choice is to surfing online in the merchant directory on CoinGate, a cryptocurrency payment processing services for businesses of any size.



There are nearly 100 shops listed in this directory. It’s set up to showcase CoinGate’s crypto-friendly stores as well as to help brand these merchants. And for us crypto enthusiasts, we can find out where and what to shop via crypto payment.



A similar payment service is provided by NOWPayments, which aims to develop a payment gateway to support cryptocurrencies, as well as Seedit, a multi-platform payment system on the Tron Network.




Then, with the help of these payment services, what exactly can we buy with crypto today?



Game. When everyone is hiding from covid19 at home, chances are your friends are doing the same. So instead of depressed, chill out with friends online together, pick a game, and jump into a multiplayer adventure or competition!



The category also includes travel, as Travala we mentioned above, various service, consumer goods, luxury goods, etc. What’s more, according to NOWPayments blog, we can buy high-value assets like real estate, gold, car, and for daily life, gift cards for almost 200 online stores and websites, including Starbucks, eBay, Walmart, Nike, Apple, Uber, Google Play, etc.



So basically, shop the world with crypto is no more empty talk.



Blockchain payment products of choice:













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