Crypto Miner World Sale Season with Get an Extra 10% Off

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Long time no see crypto miners! If you haven’t heard, CryptoMiner World and have partnered up. This means another special offer is coming your way! From Feb 26 to March 2, community members can enjoy an extra 10% off at CMW’s Silver and Gold Sale - that is a max of 25% off for every purchase of Geodes!

How do you get your hands on this awesome discount you ask? It is simple, just make sure you have a account and make sure you list your Ether Wallet in the “User Center” If you are logged in click this to go to the User Center That is it. Buy your Geodes and then after March 2 we will send you back 10% of your purchase(s) You can even use Referral codes from other users if this is your first purchase!


Enter HERE


About CryptoMiner World



CryptoMiner World (CMW) is a decentralized game where players can mine for treasure to collect and trade with others on the Ethereum blockchain. Player can pick a plot from any part of the world. These plots are your personal property where you can dig up treasures. Each plot has a random assortment of treasure. To uncover this treasure, you will assign one of the Gem companions to a plot so it can start mining. With time, the Gem will dig deeper and deeper. Check on the gem companion after a few days or a week to collect treasure that they found.


You can level up the Gem’s age and increase the grade if you want it to mine deeper and faster. Underground, you will many things! Silver, gold, and artifacts are just a few of them. You can even find keys that can open up chests, including the World Chest that will have over 2,000 ETH!


What is this Silver and Gold Sale about?


It is a way for you to get your hands on some Silver and Gold, of course! The right question to ask is, “What is Silver and Gold?” Silver and Gold are items in CryptoMiner World used to increase the level and the grade of your gems, respectfully. The higher the level the deeper your Gem and mine. The higher the grade the faster it can do that mining! The best loot is furthest down so you will really want to level up you Gems to max level (Level 5)


The Sale will run until every Geode has been sold. The 20% discount will decrease by 1% every 24 hours until the Geodes prices are no longer discounted.


Get your extra 10% money back for purchases of Geodes!

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