CryptoMiner World x Get Land. Get Loot. Get Rich.

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10% Money Back CryptoMiner World and Promotion!

Ranked as a 5-star project on, CryptoMiner World (CMW) is having a sale on their Founder’s Geodes! Awesome right?  Well, we are gonna make it even more awesome. is going to give our community an exclusive additional 10% off! 

What’s the fun about this game?

  • It’s easy and playable!

  • Mine your treasure and make money.


1. Buy a plot of land


2. Select a Gemstone to help you dig through plots of land and eat up earth automatically


3. As time passes, your Gems will dig deeper and deeper, uncovering more and more treasure for you in the loot.


4. You can sell the loot and earn money!


Check out more on How to Play.


What comes inside a Geode?

  • 2 Baby (level 1) Gemstones

  • 1 Toddler (level 2) Gemstones

  • 1 of the 3 Gemstones guaranteed to be Grade A or better

  • 1 Exclusive Founder's Plot of land Only available during Pre-Sale

What is the Founder's Geode Pre-Sale & 10% Money Back Event?

Geode sale starts at 25% off and lasts for 30 days. 10% money back event will be effective for the first 10 days. As a user, you will have 10% money back no matter what price you pay for your Geode from August 16 to August 26.


In the other word, you will enjoy a discount from 25% off to 35% off during the first 10 days of this Geode sales event. ( 25% +10%= 35% ~ 15%+10%=25%).


Please put your wallet address on before you jump into the sales event, so we can track your transaction on CryptoMiner World within this time slot, and secure a money back for you.


Make sure you get in early as the price will be increasing every day! Get them fast!  


To be short on how to participate in the 10% Money Back CMW Geode Sales Event(August 16th to August 26th)

  1. Sign up / Login on, and put in your wallet address in the user center.

  2. Go to CryptoMiner World and purchase your Geodes.

  3. Wait for 10% money back on August 30.

  4. Play it and enjoy the game! 

About CryptoMiner World

CryptoMiner World (CMW) is a decentralized game where players can mine for treasure to collect and trade with others on the Ethereum blockchain.


In CryptoMiner World, you can buy a plot of land by picking any location on the Earth to call your own, select a Gemstone which loves the earth so much and eats them up, then, you can collect and sell your loot as your gemstone discovering more treasures for you!

The Founder's Geode Sale only lasts for 30 days. The clock is clicking, hurry up to get your Geode!





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