[Limited 3 Days] Which Is Your Favourite Contract Servant? Tell Us and Win $60 USDT

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Which Is Your Favourite Contract Servant?

Tell us and win $60 USDT!


What is Contract Servant?


Contract Servant is a card game, where you can collect, upgrade and battle with other users’ servants.



How to Play?


Forge your own contracts.


Command your mighty servant and enter battle.


You will experience a rich and attractive game system here!


Sounds a bit hard to get your hands on? No worries! Up to 6 levels serve as tutorials. If you can climb that far, you will understand the battle rules of the contract servant to some extent!



How to Contract with Servants?


After reaching level 6, you can contract with new servants by consuming hero souls!

It’s important to understand the nature of your servants.


Contract with the most powerful servants, master the statistics, deploy perfectly, and you can achieve victory!



Let’s Meet Some of the Contract Servants Here

Each servant is displayed with their names, jobs, Gods and HPs.


You will discover more servants in the game!


Which one do you like most? Tell us to win $60 USDT!




Total $60 USDT


3 lucky winners, $20 USDT each



How to Win

From March 27 to 29 [Limited 3 days]


  • RT our campaign post on Twitter / Share our campaign post on Facebook

  • Tell us which is your favourite servant and why here through Review, together write down your Twitter / Facebook ID



We will inform the winner 3 days after the campaign ends.







My favorite contract is Maetel. She is a very cute magician and I love being magician because of the wide range. my twitter id is @century0909


Yudi Sks

My favorite is Kuja, she is a beautiful woman and defender who I admire ... I play this game to spend my time at home ... moreover I can get money from this game ... thank you Contract Servant! Twitter : @Wahyudi95600479


Budi R

I chose my favorite contract KUJA, because the character KUJA I really like, very elegant, very cool, and very deadly, This is the best game, the display is very beautiful and the adventure is full of dramatic, dapp.com is the best and presents great games like "contract servant card game" etc. twitter @boediblues87



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