Breezing Through Decentralized Life the Effortless Way

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We do talk a lot about privacy. Did you really care about your personal digital privacy before Facebook’s infamous data scandal? Probably not — but you do now. We have 500 more reasons to switch from regular apps to decentralized apps and the privacy problem might be the one that pushes you to make the change. 


This week, we’d love to introduce 4 new dapps that will make your transition to the “decentralized safe zone” effortless and immediate.


Be sure to try them out and share them with your squad!


Arcane Maps: Like Google Maps, but respect your privacy 

Google knows you better than you know yourself. Things like all the places you have traveled to in the past few years, you probably don’t remember them all, but Google Maps does (unfortunately)! And not to mention, Google knows where you live and where you work at. It is a horrifying, yet solvable problem.


With Arcane Maps — a Blockstack-based alternative to Google Maps — you will be able to easily get navigation, traffic, extended places info, and organize your favorite places into custom lists and share them with your friends. All you need is your phone or a computer, and open Arcane Maps in your browser to explore and find your way around the world.


Unlike Google Maps, Arcane Maps protects your data by leveraging Blockstack cloud storage with high industry standard encryptions. Your location data, identity, search history, and all the other personal information will be fully private and secure over there.

X Cloud: Store and share files in an easy and safer way 

Similar to Google Drive, Dropbox, and any other “regular” cloud services, X Cloud is a cloud platform but offers secure and easy file sharing solution with the help of blockchain. Built on top of Ethereum, X Cloud provides security and privacy for all the users.  


X Cloud is free to use, and you will receive 1GB of storage space after you sign up. To start, just simply login with your email, drag and drop the file to X Cloud. You can create a share link and invite people to view and download the file. Also, you can start collaborating with your colleagues or friends in private.


Now you can find X Cloud dapp on the App Store and Google Play, so you can use the dapp on-the-go. And all your files will be automatically updated across all of your devices, pretty cool, right?


SimpleForm: A decentralized alternative to Google Forms

When we need a survey or a contact form, Google Forms is our go-to place to make a form and gather all the information — and of course, our personal data and sensitive information from the survey are also gathered and collected by someone else you know who.


We have to admit that we’ve been living in the “Google world” for too long and it’s time to make a change.


SimpleForm is a Blockstack-based dapp that allows you to create forms just as elegant as Google Forms and Typerform, but most importantly, it’s decentralized and privacy-focused, so the form creator will be the only one that can see the response as well as access the form data. 


Just like other Blockstack dapps, you can simply sign in with your Blockstack ID and start creating and sharing a form. The dapp is free for now, so we believe your next survey will be built on SimpleForm :) 



bZx: A financial primitive for decentralized lending and shorting 

Margin trading might be an easy way of making a fast investment. bZx, a decentralized margin and lending protocol just makes trading more secure, affordable, and more liquidity. 


Integrated with Kyber and 0x, bZx allows lenders to issue peer-to-peer loan (tokens) for a profitable interest straight from their wallet without risking moving their assets to centralized exchanges, and traders will be able to margin trade with lower fees and risk. 



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