Boost Your Creativity with Blockchain

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They say everyone is born creative. And, everything we do is about telling a story — from the beginning to the end.


Dapp buidlers have been creating dapps that protect your digital rights and boost the creative mind of yours. Now let’s dive into the new dapps of the week — they can help you get on a creative journey in a way that is secure, simple, and inspirational. 


BentenSound: Free stock music for your videos

Looking for a perfect song for your next video or game project, but you don’t have much budget for that? BentenSound, a decentralized platform is a great solution for you to find and stock music for FREE. 


Powered by Blockstack, BentenSound hosts all the tracks on a decentralized storage Gaia — no one else can control your data but you. Content creators will be able to use absolutely free music for their projects. Also, with a creator-centric model plus Lightning Network, musicians who distribute their work to the platform will have the first audiences and get their fair share without fees.


The sound quality of all the songs on BentenSound is pretty good. So, YouTubers and game developers, it’s time to get on BentenSound, grab those free music, and make the most out of it right now!


Poethry: Read and share your poems on the blockchain

“Everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it and the imagination to improvise." — Sylvia Plath


Poethry is an Ethereum-based poetry platform that allows you to share your poems and also earn extra money. On Poethry, you are a poet, a reader, and also a poem judge — you can vote for the poem you like. The poet will win the jackpot and get the Ether if her / his first poem that reaches 10 votes. 


Dear poets, please use the power of blockchain, give us no gifts but more words.



Trove: Privacy-focused bookmark helps to curate your own reading space

We all have a few websites and video clips that we visit or watch often. Trove is here to help you curate your own reading space efficiently and securely. As an encrypted tool, Trove allows you to quickly save and organize anything from the web, such as pages, texts, images, videos, pdfs and many more. And most importantly, you can control your own identity and data. 


Trove works on all the major browsers and you can get the Trove extension for Chrome or Firefox. To start, you will need a Blockstack ID to sign in. Then navigate to the page or images that you want to add, and bookmark them on Trove web app or browser extensions just with simple clicks. You can also import and export all the bookmarks, and organize with collections and tags.



MTonomy: Rent or buy movies with crypto


Bye-bye Netflix. 


Built on top of Ethereum, MTonomy serves as a platform for media rights and content management. At its core, MTonomy allows users to directly buy or rent premium video content with cryptocurrency. Also, it helps cut through the middle man (like distributors), so content creators, small studios, and indie filmmakers will finally be able to get their fair share. 


After you sign up on MTonomy for free, you will find hundreds of hard-to-find films, documentaries, and theatrical there and more to come. All you need to do is get a little bit of Ether and you are all set — you can enjoy watching movies and TV shows anywhere, anytime.




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