Blockstack Apps - Alternatives To Google

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How to work collaboratively and connect your colleagues when working from home? Google docs, sheets, photos are the must-have kit for many people during this time. But when you use these tools, your data are controlled by centralized platforms. Perhaps Google knows your work better than you know it yourself.



Want to work in a more secure and private way? Try Blockstack apps.



Blockstack is an open-source decentralized computing platform that puts users in charge of their data and identity. All dapps built on Blockstack are incapable of changing or using users' data without their permission. Internet privacy is a core value for the Blockstack dapp ecosystem. 



So today we’d like to introduce 6 Blockstack dapps that could be your alternatives to Google. Those dapps just work smoothly and seamlessly as any other G-Suite apps on any modern devices, and most importantly, your data is completely under your own control.




Arcane Docs


Arcane Docs is a blockchain-based word processor. You can create documents, edit words, and collaborate in real-time with others. It also allows documents directly imported from Google Docs and Microsoft Word, so you don’t have to copy/paste. All the data are saved and secured while respecting your privacy.



This full-featured document editor is free and available for use in any modern browser right now.




Arcane Sheets


Use Arcane Sheets, create a data spreadsheet, and turn it into insights.



It’s a free-use private online spreadsheet that you can also collaborate with anyone on any device. It can be used to load and save your Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.




Arcane Photos


Photo privacy is highly important at present, as we’ve seen a lot of trouble caused by photo or video leak or stolen. We don’t even let our parents see what’s inside our mobile phone photo album. It feels too bad when thinking of strangers or hackers that might have access to our photos.



Arcane Photos keeps your memories safe and secure, all in one place. You can back up your photos and access them on all your devices with encrypted storage. Every user can get 10GB free storage.




Arcane Marks


Since we’ve just talked about photo privacy, we can think more about it. There must be a time when you want to post a photo online but try to hide your personal information from it. It can be your ID numbers, certificate numbers, your home address, or any sensitive stuff.


With Arcane Marks, you can easily hide or mark up important details of your image by simply clicking and dragging on it. A secure share-link can be created for images.



Arcane Lab: Text Style


Want a bit tricky in your text? Style your text with Arcane Lab: Text Style.



The website is super simple and easy to use. Just type in the bar, and your words will be transferred into over 100 cute styles. Then you can click, copy, and free use!




Arcane Maps


Arcane Maps has similar functions to Google Maps: real-time traffic, extended places info, and organize your favorite places into custom lists and share them with your friends. 



It’s much like Google Maps, but there’s a feature that really makes it stand out: Google Maps keep track of where you’ve visited, while Arcane Maps has no logs, but full respect your privacy.



Your docs, forms, photos, location data, identity, search history, and all the other personal information will be fully private and secure by Blockstack cloud storage.



Why not try these decentralized and secure alternatives to Google?



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