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The past 2020 is no doubt a big year for blockchain, especially for cryptocurrencies and DeFi. We have witnessed the hottest DeFi summer, the ups and downs of various token projects, and the Bitcoin bull run during this Christmas and New Year holiday.



The blockchain industry is changing fast with each passing day. 



❓You want to know the trend of DeFi after summer 2020? Is it remaining hot? Increasing volume and active users? 

❓You want to know how is the NFT market really performing as many people are discussing NFT will be the next boom after DeFi?

❓You want to know whether the 1inch airdrop as a 2020 Christmas gift is helping its users and volume to increase and taking some of the market shares of other DEXes?



You can know ALL of them through the New Market page.



17 Blockchains, 9 dapp categories, you can mix different blockchains and categories to make your customized chart and analyze.



Now let’s see how you can do it!



Our newly upgraded Market page contains 3 major functions: Comparing Dapps, Comparing Blockchains, Comparing Categories.

You can see the pre-set hot charts made by our editors’ team based on the current hot market trend. For example, in Comparing Dapps the hot charts are Ethereum DeFi, Ethereum Dex, WAX NFT, etc.

And in Comparing Blockchains we select Top DeFi Ecosystem, Tron & EOS Gambling and Gaming on Different Chains.



Let’s see how to make your customized chart step by step. 



Want to Know if a Dapp Is Gaining or Losing Market Share?


For instance, 1inch has issued its own $1INCH token during Christmas. Does this token launch help 1inch seize more users and volume from other decentralized exchanges? 



You can figure it out by customizing the Comparing Dapps chart. 

  1. Click “Customize”.

  2. Select the blockchain we want, “Ethereum”.

  3. Select the category “Exchange”.

  4. Click “Save”.


The chart will soon load the Ethereum DEX market share for you. You can see the top 5 Ethereum DEXes Uniswap V2, dYdX, Curve, SushiSwap, 1inch, and their volume comparison. The market share is clearly demonstrated, with different DEX volumes in different colors. All the rest DEXes are included in “Others”.



You can hover on a specific date to view the daily volume.

1inch’s volume on 12.29 is $120.48M and accounts for 10.76% in all Ethereum DEXes, while on 4th Jan is $190.22M and accounts for 7.74%. Although the absolute value is still growing, 1inch’s market share has slightly dropped.



While for Uniswap, many people think that Uniswap market share will be taken after it stopped its liquidity mining while other DEXes (eg, 1inch) are continuing their liquidity mining. However, we can see from the chart that starting from Jan, Uniswap’s market share is steadily increasing instead. 

You can click the “30D” or “90D” on the top right corner to change the duration.


Besides volume, you can switch the charts with the dashboard on the right to compare active dapp users, active dapps and transactions as well.




Want to Know Which Blockchain Has the Most Market Share in DEX except for Ethereum?


It’s a wide acknowledgment that Ethereum has the largest and most active decentralized exchange market. But which blockchain is the second?



You can customize the Comparing Blockchains chart to find out. 

  1. Select “Comparing Blockchains”.

  2. Click “Customize”.

  3. Select the blockchains you want to compare. Maximum 5. Here we select Ethereum, TRON, EOS, Klaytn as our candidates.

  4. Select the category you want to compare. So we select “Exchange”.

  5. Click “Save”.


Ethereum is dominating the DEX market with a 99.2% volume share. EOS has the No.2 volume share which accounts for 0.4%, followed by TRON 0.3% and Klaytn 0.1%.

Switch the dashboard to active users. We can see that TRON’s DEX users are actually more than twice the Ethereum’s, and account for 66.4%. What about transactions?

EOS has the most transactions, which accounts for 40.9%. Then it’s TRON 37.4%. Ethereum only ranks No.3 with 20.7% of transactions. 



So we can draw the conclusion from the analytics above that EOS and TRON is in fierce competition for the second largest DEX market in volume/users/transactions.




Game, Gambling or NFT, Which Category Has More Potential?


2011: BTC over $1

2017: ICO

2020: DeFi



What's next for Blockchain? Game, gambling or NFT?



Let’s answer this question together by customizing the Comparing Categories chart.

  1. Select “Comparing Categories”.

  2. Click “Customize”

  3. Select the blockchain you want to compare. You can only compare categories on the same blockchain. For example, here we select Ethereum.

  4. Select the categories you want to compare. Maximum 5. We feel game, gambling and marketplace (mainly NFT marketplaces) are the most promising market, so we select them.

  5. Click “Save”.


Ethereum marketplace volume accounts for 47.1%, almost half of the total 3 categories. Ethereum gambling volume takes 2nd place with a 37.6% market share. Ethereum game volume ranks 3rd with 15.3%. 



If you still remember, the NFT marketplace has also experienced a boom at the end of 2020. Read our previous articles 10 Most Expensive NFTs, Hundreds of Thousands for a Crypto Kitty? and First Crypto Art Millionaire, and More Than $-Related Words for more insights.



The 3 examples we share above are just the tip of the iceberg of how to use our Market functions. Explore and create your own analytics, you might have some great findings and fresh ideas of the blockchain market!




Share Your Insights in One Click


We make it more convenient for you to share your insights. You can generate a pic of your customized charts in one click! 

Just click the “Generate Report” button on the top right corner, and you’ll have it ready to download and share!



Make full use of this new Market page and become a blockchain market expert!



*Active users mean the number of unique addresses. When a unique address uses different categories of dapps, it will be counted as one user in each category but also 1 unique user in total.




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