Blockchain Game of the Week: #3 Volition

2018-07-18 03:06:07 · 47 views · 5 min read

We love breeding these cute and adorable crypto collectibles or even go on a space adventure with our own spaceships. We appreciate the fact that we own these collectibles on the blockchain, but what if you can authenticate your digital collectible to a physical asset? Wait no more, our Blockchain Game of the Week, Volition is the first digital-to-physical collectible card game!

Crypto geeks, card hobbyists, and digital collectors will have the opportunity to create and customise collectible cards. Players will be able to buy, sell, trade and collect these customised cards. But instead of buying a booster pack, players and collectors will be able to mine for booster packs to evolve any card they own. And yes - as you are already so excited - you will be able to add custom art skins!! The collectible card game follows the traditional card gameplay where you can level-up your card by combining your characters or resources.


Most of the blockchain games we have seen so far utilise the centralised business model for their games. However, Volition embraces the decentralised business and operating model the blockchain technology offers. Through a hybrid digital-to-physical and print-on-demand model, Volition will make blockchain technology accessible to anyone with a passion and a printer. This means there are no more publishers with ownership over the ecosystem or future viability of the game - Power to the Players, YAY!

We can see Volition has the opportunity to evolve free-to-play principles and mechanics in a way to that offers a more tangible experience in both gameplay and in extractable value. Volition scores high on creativity and pushes the blockchain gaming to evolve even further, real-world accessible gameplay on the blockchain. Definitely adding this game to my watchlist – click here to sign up for their newsletter and updates.

In summary, Volition exists in a metaphysical multiverse somewhere between reality and the outer limits of a player’s imagination. It is a resource-based collectible card game where eccentric characters transcend in our digital and physical world. Key features include:

  • Born out of Blockchain: Volition enables buying, selling, trading, collecting, and customisation of cards.
  • Digital-to-Physical: Players and collectors will get to experience the creation of a physical object from a digital asset like never before. 
  • Decentralised Distribution: The print-on-demand model means anyone can print out and play with the cards they own, even shiny ones.
  • Booster Pack Mining: Volition will be instantly distributed globally upon publication through the release of limited-run booster packs, which are mineable by players and collectors.
  • Theme-Based Releases: The Volition multiverse will grow and change in surprising ways through set releases, with each including a base set along with several subsets. 
  • Cosmetic Customisation: Creators and collectors can skin any card they own with custom art. Along with each new set release, Volition will also release reference art to inspire the community to create original artworks in unique art styles based on the latest theme, which can be published on the blockchain along with licensing terms. 
  • True Ownership: The blockchain technology behind Volition means players and collectors can truly own and track the origin story of each card, from when it was first mined to who’s owned it, and even any digital signatures added by artists or other VIPs. 
  • Card Evolution: The digital-first nature of Volition means characters and resources can be combined to level-up and add gear to any card. Some cards may level-up in a predictable fashion while others may have an element of randomness, and the mechanics may change from set to set

More information:
The Volition collectible card game ( and protocol are under development by Cryptogogue, a Seattle-based games technology studio established by a lineup of industry veterans, including the designers behind the award-winning indie trading card game The Spoils.

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