[Doctor Dapp] The Lowdown of The Crypto Gaming Market from Dark County

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Some time ago the Dark Country team launched an industry survey. The aim of it was straightforward - to know more about the crypto gamers and crypto gaming industry in general.


For now the survey is finished and we want to share with you our collected and analyzed data, where you may find some insights about this market. So let’s begin.


Survey data

We had 170 responses for 8 questions. First 5 of those questions give us a general understanding of what the crypto gaming market is about and we will consider it in detail


1. “Whom do you play games with?” 


2. “How often do you play games?” 


We compared two first questions and got such results: 

53% of crypto gamers play alone or with friends each day, and 38% play several times a week.


3. “Are you buying/paying for game experience?”  


So we can see that more than 67% of gamers are ready to pay for the game experience. Let’s take a look at how it goes in our two major user groups: Who plays alone and with friends



Gamers, who play with friends are more likely to pay, than play-alone gamers.


4. “How much are you spending on gaming experience a month?”  


Let’s analyze this question in the context of paying method and gamer’s company


Here we can make a few conclusions.


Gamers who play with friends and pay via crypto are more likely to spend bigger amounts. Gamers who play alone and pay by card are more prone to lower payments or even not willing to pay at all.



5. “What monetisation method is most appealing to You?”  


The best monetization method for each gamers category is a free to play model with the option to buy in-game items and with possibility to resell them later.




Crypto gaming market is in its initial stages and looks like it has great potential. There are not a lot of worthy projects for now, but gamers are already willing to pay for game experience. It creates a favorable environment for the development and emergence of increasingly high-quality projects. So in case of increasing crypto gamers number it is likely to expect strong market growth.


Author - Dark Country 



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