On-chain, Unchained Art

2020-05-20 09:40:00 · 5715 views · 4 min read


Hold tight, let’s float unchained through the outer space and join a party with SuperRare.

Apart from being a marketplace to collect and trade unique, single-edition digital artworks, SuperRare holds virtual exhibitions, like this party on Cryptovoxels, a sandbox game dapp on Ethereum.



This special outer space exhibition takes place in a virtual exhibition hall on the blockchain.



It covers a wide range of topics: from dark matter to female in the universe, from moon complication to knowledge freeway across the universe, from the spaceship and alien to smart contract. However irrelevant these topics may sound, you’ll find harmony when they are connected by art.



Unchained from time, distance, or physical frames in normal art galleries, beyond any limit. Blockchain unchains art. It is inviting us to a new era, where art as NFT is exhibited and stored in an unprecedented way. Would you like to take that invitation?



To the moon and back, art also provides us a profound look at what is happening in our lives, but from a different angle.



This is how an artist on KnownOrigin illustrates our social status at the moment.



In this artwork, two people are rolling round and round. The artist describes it as “The rules of social distancing...”.



You can find a “covid19” category in the KnownOrigin marketplace and let art lead you to gaze at the virus, the society, the circumstances. There might be lies and fake news about covid19 that you are tired of, but not here: art as NFT is unchained from censorship on the blockchain.



Art comes from life, reflects life, and unveils the truth of life. What is beyond words can reach to the bottom of our soul by art. On-chain, unchained.



Art dapps of #dapp.com choice:





Stay tuned.



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