[50 Limited] Play to Win $5 Cuties and $300 Limited Edition Dapp.com Fox

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What is Blockchain Cuties?


Blockchain Cuties Universe is a game that takes place in Cutieland, a world populated by fantastic little creatures called Cuties



Each Cutie is unique and completely belongs to you. You can pet them and equip them with multiple items to boost their power, then send them to different adventures. Cuties are the core of the game ecosystem.


You can also earn interest through the game. Each Cutie, which is an ERC-721 token, can be transferred or sold to other players just like a regular cryptocurrency. Some rare ones even worth hundreds of dollars.


If you are a crypto enthusiast or a diehard RPG elite, there is something for everyone to explore in Cutieland! 


It’s even easier for Dapp.com users to get started. Now you can log in to Blockchain Cuties Universe with dapp.com account!


What’s more, a chance to get $5 value Cuties and $300 value Cuties for free to celebrate your Easter!






50 ONLY, First Come First Get - Gen 1 Cuties for 50 winners, each value $5

--Day 1 04/10 3pm UTC: 13 players got the $5 cuties. ONLY 37 LEFT.

--Day 2 04/11 3pm UTC: 19 players got the $5 cuties. ONLY 31 LEFT.

--Day 3 04/12 3pm UTC: 26 players got the $5 cuties. ONLY 24 LEFT.

--Day 4 04/13 3pm UTC: 39 players got the $5 cuties. ONLY 11 LEFT

--Day 5 04/14 3pm UTC: 50 players got the $5 cuties. 


1 unique Gen 1 Dapp.com Fox that values 2 ETH (about $300)

Lucky winner: 0xa4444bd203d977d5b1e7f55d20553e7fb7ac6ffa, Player 224339006




How to Participate


[Limited 5 days]


  • [Please Use PC] Log in Blockchain Cuties Universe with dapp.com account


  • Accumulate 450 Paw Coins and breed at least 1 Cutie to get a Gen 1 Cutie for free, including 10 cats, 10 dogs, 10 bears, 10 foxes, 10 lizards

           Only 50 players can get the prize so move fast!


           To earn Paw Coins: 1. Achievement; 2. LVL 10 Cuties will continue bringing Paw Coins from adventures


           Don’t know how to play? No worries, we have a tutorial below



  • Participate in the lucky draw to win unique Gen 1 Dapp.com Fox

           Only 1 lucky winner can get the big prize!


           Only 13 limited edition in the world of at least $300 or more!



Award distribution: Daily


Remaining quotas number update frequency: Daily at 3 pm UTC on this page

Day 1 04/10 3pm UTC: 13 players got the $5 cities. ONLY 37 LEFT.

Day 2 04/11 3pm UTC: 19 players got the $5 cuties. ONLY 31 LEFT.

Day 3 04/12 3pm UTC: 26 players got the $5 cuties. ONLY 24 LEFT.

Day 4 04/13 3pm UTC: 39 players got the $5 cuties. ONLY 11 LEFT


We will announce the $300 lucky winner on this page 3 days after the campaign ends.


Can’t wait to play and win? Here’s a simple tutorial on how to get started and get your cuties for FREE:




Log in with Dapp.com Account [Please Use PC]


Go to Blockchain Cuties official website

One simple click, and you'll get connected

By login with dapp.com account, you can enjoy all the advantages of dapp.com wallet:

  • Free access

  • Easy to use

  • No installation and browser requirement: Use dapps anywhere, anytime

  • Social media & Secure Email Login: Super easy UX

  • Non-custodial wallet with an encrypted private key: You have full control of your assets


Set up your account ready for exploring the Cutieland!




How to Play With Cuties


Have Your Own cuties

There are lots of Cuties in the marketplace, looking for a new home. You can always start with a basic one to fully enjoy the process of petting and growing with it. However, if you desire for power, you can also find supreme choices at a higher price.


It’s free to get an intro cutie. This helper Cutie will show you a little bit around and you will learn how to earn Paw Coins as well! (Accumulate Paw Coins can get your cuties for FREE).

Try some simple functions with it and get familiar with various activities in the game!



Let’s Take Adventures

Now it’s time to send your cuties on adventures.

Each adventure has a level requirement and costs different time. Your cuties will randomly come across enemies, battle and gain experience during adventures.


You’ll get a notification when your cuties win or lose a battle, as well as a report that shows you the process of all 3 rounds battle. The winner might find an extra item!


Equipping your cuties with items will make them stronger, which means a higher chance to win.

Go to adventures, fight other Cuties, get new items, put them on, become stronger. The more you play this, the more experience your Cutie will get.




As you complete different actions throughout the game you will unlock achievements. Every achievement provides Achievement points, but some also provide Paw Coins and items. Paw Coins can be used to purchase special items for you Cuties.

For example, you can win 50 achievements points and 50 Paw Coins by “Can I put it on my Honda” Achievement.

And there are more achievements: win battles, find some special items, level up your cuties, just experience as much as possible!




You can breed your Cuties with others, so you’ll get a new one.

Breeding is one of the most important aspects of the game. Every Cutie in the game has it's own unique genome, just as a human DNA. The combination of different genes creates different attributes to the new Cutie.


Lucky enough, you might get some really rare Cuties by breeding!



How to check your amount of PAW coins and your breed cuties?


50 ONLY-Players who collect 450 Paw Coins and breed at least one Cutie will get a free Gen 1 Cutie!


Here to remind again: Keep an eye on your Paw Coins shown on the header.


And don't forget to breed new Cuties on your Cuties page.


Now you have learned how to play with cuties, it’s time to take off your own adventures! Play and win your cuties NOW[Please Use PC to Log in]



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