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I’ve been intrigued by NFTs since 2017 and the launch of CryptoKitties. The idea of unique tokens that establish ownership among digital items (artwork, event tickets, game assets, etc.) captured my imagination similar to the way Bitcoin did back in 2013. Since that time, I’ve not only been a buyer of NFTs but also a creator and seller of NFTs.



Over the last year my focus has been on creating NFT Art, oftentimes referred to as Crypto Art. To briefly explain, NFT Art is art (usually digital art) which has been tokenized as a unique asset on the blockchain. Specifically the Ethereum blockchain in my experience. By tokenizing art on the blockchain artists are not only providing a permanent record of provenance and ownership, but they’re also creating an asset which is easily tradable peer-to-peer.



One of the more interesting ways to appreciate NFT Art is through virtual reality. Platforms such as Decentraland and Cryptovoxels allow users to purchase parcels of virtual land (NFTs) to build galleries, shops and other creative endeavors. In fact, over the last 6 to 9 months there’s been a large uptake in the NFT Art community with regards to these types of creative undertakings. The Cryptovoxels Art Tour is one notable example whereby a group of artists came together to link our galleries into a seamless virtual tour.




Inside My Virtual Gallery

My first virtual land NFT purchase came in May 2019. At the time when I acquired Studio 402 (Parcel 131) in the Music District of Cryptovoxels, it was my intention to use the land for audio drops. More specifically, I wanted to release music inside VR alongside my artworks. It took a bit longer than I anticipated, but I'm happy to say that in 2020 my virtual art gallery now features original music as well.



You see, in addition to creating art and designing apparel, I've also written songs since the age of twelve. I love music as a form of artistic expression (hence all of my retro cassette tape artworks), and for my first track of the new decade I decided to release it as an MP4 NFT. The song is titled “Holding” and touches on several current events including COVID-19, self-isolation and recent market crashes. It is currently available as a limited edition NFT on MakersPlace, and it can also be streamed inside of Studio 402.



Additionally, Studio 402 is used to exhibit NFT Art from my danky.art portfolio. Clicking on each artwork allows visitors to bid or purchase the NFT directly from the virtual gallery. From old school compact cassette tapes; to classic Nintendo consoles and controllers; to vintage floppy disks; Studio 402 is all about retro tech and nostalgia.



These material items of yesteryear have sentimental value to me and remind me of lost moments in time. They remind me of my youth and a world much different than today. Displaying these pieces in VR is a fun way for me to merge old tech with new tech.



And while the future can be difficult to predict, what I can say with certainty is that the NFT Art space is taking off. Growth in this niche is sure to continue as more people are drawn into the exciting possibilities of this technology. With various opportunities to display and monetize your creativity, now is the time to get involved.




Author - Connie Digital

Connie Digital is a North American digital artist and an early figure in the tokenized art movement known as NFT Art. His works explore the relationship between color, motion and his fondness for retro tech. Formerly a student of fashion, Connie blends his design skills and creativity with his experimental curiosity for technology.

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