BitKong Rundown: One of the First Bitcoin Casinos

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BitKong is among the first platforms that spearheaded the crypto gambling movement. Though not among the very first Bitcoin casinos on the internet, it launched just a year after the first wave of crypto gaming sites appeared in 2015. PlayHub owns and operates this platform along with two other game sites LuckyDice and SimpleDice. The trio incorporates a similar concept. They all feature one engaging game, wildly creative design, and the support of numerous cryptos.



According to BitKong, the site has the best Bitcoin casino game. Now, while this is a somewhat confident statement, we would still rank it as one of the more captivating gaming experiences we’ve had in quite some time. Accompanied by the casino’s delightful visual style, subtle animations, and jungle sounds, players will be annoyed every time they fail to reach the top of the ape’s tower. If you don’t have funds, you can play the game on For Fun mode or claim the Faucet credits as you build up confidence while saving dough for your gaming adventure. 



The platform is bonus-heavy, so immediately upon registration, you’ll need to perform a deep dive into the bonus page and find out what it takes to land a top spot on a leaderboard, how to win the jackpot prize, or get in on the cashback deals. There are many possible bonuses for you to claim, so read about them, and start playing.


    Pros     Cons

   -    Cool interface

   -    Free Faucet

   -    Demo-play available

   -    Android app
   -    Only one game
   -    Live chat not available 24/7



BitKong Games

As mentioned, the platform features only one game. However, while most single-game crypto casinos offer a dice game, BitKong chose a different route by providing players the opportunity to win up to x11,441 their bet on the site’s version of minesweeper.



If you’ve ever had a computer that ran on Windows and grew up before the 2010s, then you’ve probably tried your hand at minesweeper. The BitKong game works on a similar principle. The goal is to select one of the offered options while avoiding a mine. The number of options varies depending on your chosen level of difficulty. You can pick one of five difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme, and Nightmare.



Depending on your chosen level, the tower pattern changes. For example, if you pick Extreme, you get a three-column, six-row tower. Every row has three options, and one contains a mine, or in the case of this game, elephant poop. You have to hope that luck is on your side as you blindly select one of the two non-poop options to advance to the next row.




Design & Usability


If there is one area that we have to point out where BitKong shines, its visual design. The team has decided to go with mainly flat illustrations that feature charming cartoon-like characters. These create a very upbeat vibe, as the illustrations utilize saturated yellow and green colors that separate from the dull greys and blues that the website uses.



The platform is all about one single game, as it takes up most of your screen on both a desktop and mobile browser. When accessing the casino via desktop, you’ll see a left-side panel that takes up a third of your screen, where you can look through the latest activity on the site, read about the bonuses, or get familiar with the affiliate program. BitKong likes sans serif fonts, gif-like animations, and it makes navigation super-easy, as it doesn’t overwhelm you with content.



The casino is mobile-optimized. Meaning everything should run smoothly on your mobile device, as load times are fast, and compatibility should be seamless with any mobile device. If you are an Android user, we recommend installing the dedicated app on your phone for added convenience. Sadly, there isn’t an app for iOS users.




Creating an Account


Registering at BitKong should be a swift process. All users must hit the Register button in the top right and wait for the site to load the registration page, where they’ll have to enter their email. Alternatively, they can sign in using their Google, Apple, or Facebook accounts. However, once they go through this simple step, the site redirects them to a new page that requires a six-digit code the platform previously sent to the user’s email inbox. Once they fill in this code, they can set off on their quest for riches. Please consider that you will have to repeat this process every time you log back in.



When it comes to your security, it is advisable to accept the site’s recommendation to set up 2FA as soon as possible. You can do so by clicking your account drop-down menu and picking Two Factor Authentication. In the menu, you will also find options to customize your account by changing your avatar and username, picking your favored currency units, your desired language, and setting up notifications.




Payment Options at BitKong

As expected, BitKong crypto casino knows that it is essential to support various cryptos, as different players have different preferences, and many use multiple cryptocurrencies. Knowing all this, BitKong supports Bitcoin lighting as well as Segwit and Legacy Bitcoin addresses, and it allows players to use and exchange the following cryptos on its platform:


●  Bitcoin

●  Ethereum

●  Litecoin

●  Dogecoin

●  Dash

●  Ripple



To make a deposit, all players have to click on the Cashier button next to their balance tab or access the same window through their account drop-down menu. Once there, they can pick their currency and click the icon that says – Deposit with, to go to the deposit page. Each crypto has to go through its specific number of confirmations, and each one specifies the minimum deposit amount. For example, for Litecoin, the minimum is 0.001 LTC, and the number of confirmations is three. You can deposit less than the specified minimum, but in that case, the site will charge you a fee.



You can find the withdrawal tab in the same window, and the process is similar. You’ll have to enter your wallet address, the amount you wish to take out, as well as select the priority level. For example, for Litecoin, the withdrawal minimum is 0.001 LTC, and if you choose the normal option, you’ll get your funds within one hour. However, if you select the high-priority transfer and only a five-minute transfer timeframe, then you’ll pay a fee that’s five times higher.




BitKong Bonuses

The platform doesn’t aim to provide bonuses like the ones you’ve seen elsewhere. Meaning, there are no welcome packages here and no reload bonuses. What BitKong has done is to incorporate a system that utilizes point-collecting as a way to achieve ranks.



Before playing on the site, players must have a good grasp of what Experience Points (XP) are. XPs are a betting metric that compares all players’ activity, regardless of the crypto they are using. Once this is clear, then you can move on to understanding Credits, which are how BitKong rewards players. All the game’s bonuses come in Credits, which players can exchange for any currency.



Now, the more Experience Points you get by playing on the site, the higher the rank you attain, one of five. With each one, you get access to a better cashback deal. Whenever you accumulate a specific number of Experience Points, you also get to open a Magic Chest. There are three of these, and each one holds a random number of Credits that fall into a specific range. Naturally, the more Experience Points you accumulate, the more lucrative chest you open.



The game staff recently launched a new game feature called Level Up. These are extra layers of rating categories you can achieve in between Ranks. There are 60 achievable levels distributed between the six Rank categories. Every time you reach a new level, you get awarded a pre-set amount of credits. 



On top of this, you can also take advantage of the platform’s Free Faucet, take part in leaderboard contests, and aim to win the jackpot prize. 






All registered users can communicate and share bets on one-on-one chats or in general chat rooms. Using the chat is pretty simple, but we recommend browsing the chat rules before starting a conversation. BitKong has some news on the chat department as well: recently, the game introduced a new feature to the chat room called Rain. This interesting gizmo allows users to shower other players with credits. 




BitKong Customer Support


When on the subject of BitKong support alternatives, your best option is to click the icon on the lower right corner and try reaching a customer service representative. The game offers 24/7 customer support for registered users and the answer to your inquiry should arrive within the hour.



Staff members are also available through the live chat on the game. You will recognize them since they carry a STAFF badge next to their usernames.



You can also send an email at – [email protected] Before you do so, it is wise to research the FAQ section. While it’s not exhaustive information, it is still home to 22 FAQs, which hold the answers to some common issues.






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