Volume Surpassing 1inch & Dodo with 1172% Increase in 30d, This BSC Dex Holds More to Expect?

2021-06-29 09:50:00 · 7475 views · 4 min read


On the BSC Dex ranking by 30d volume, a Dex has grown 1172.38% all the way up to the 3rd place even above 1inch and Dodo, just behind the top 2 MDEX and PancakeSwap.

So far, launched for a month, Biswap seems to be a powerful competitor to all the top BSC Dex.

Biswap’s 30d unique trader amount increased by 174.87%, the Dex trading volume rallied 1172.38% to more than $1B, and the trade count dramatically went up 591.07%



We’ve already introduced this Dex Biswap 2 weeks ago as one of the new dapps worth attention. 



Basically, Biswap works similar to Uniswap and allows you to swap tokens, provide liquidity and yield farm. What’s more, you can swap tokens with fees returned in $BSW tokens, the Biswap’s utility token. (What Is Biswap?) Now it has been already audited by CertiK.



The liquidity in Biswap’s major farms such as ETH-BTCB, BTCB-USDT, ETH-USDT, BNB-USDT is also quite deep for yield farmers.

What to expect next? Will this upward trend continue? Track its on-chain data constantly and see how it will develop. 




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