BingoBet BINGO Tokens Airdrop with

2018-12-17 07:22:34 · 5773 views · 5 min read


BingoBet, The first American Roulette on EOS blockchain is having an airdrop with!  


After successfully launched the game, BingoBet team wants to make the game more viral in the crypto world. From December 17th to December 23rd, the first 2,000 participants will be able to get 1,000 BINGO tokens each - Yes, you heard us right.

Do you want to stock the 1,000 BINGO tokens before the holidays? Go to BINGO Token Airdrop, follow these rules as below to participate the airdrop:


  1. Go to BINGO Token Airdrop;

  2. Sign up on and fill out your EOS wallet address in the “User Center” ;



  1. Follow @bingobet_one and @dapp_com on Twitter ;

  2. Tweet about this airdrop event and share it with your friends!

  3. Enter the BingoBet Token Giveaway to get the tokens.


Binggo Bet team will start distributing the tokens to your EOS account from Dec 25 to Dec 31.



BINGO tokens are dividend tokens that allow their owners to stake them for earning dividends from BingoBet (50% of the house edge will be distributed to BINGO holders).

If your local laws do not allow you to own dividend tokens then do not participate in this bounty campaign.


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