Beginner’s Guide for My Crypto Heroes

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My Crypto Heroes (MCH) is a quick and casual worker-placement RPG where players collect and train historical heroes of the world and send them to the battlefield to conquer enemies.


No matter you are a longtime RPG veteran looking for a new time sink, or a casual crypto fan expecting some extra crypto gains, MCH can satisfy both. Below, you’ll find the main steps to get started.


Set up Your Account



MCH offers players two ways of signing in:


  • Sign in with Wallet

Games built on the blockchain are not as complicated as you might think. To start off, all you need to do is to get your MetaMask wallet set up and store some ETH (Guide to Buy Ethereum)


  • Sign in with Google account (For trial)

For those who just want to stop by and get a brief taste, MCH offers a trial version without the need for an ether wallet. In the trial mode, players can try out the Quest and other battles. However, since players can’t get access to the Ethereum network, functions such as trading GUMs (in-game tokens) and Heroes are not available.


How to Get a Hero

All the heroes, except for the Novice ones (default heroes), are tradable in the Ethereum network. To purchase a hero from the in-game marketplace, first, you need to buy some GUMs at the “exchange market” and trade heroes with GUMs. Heroes are designed into different rarity and power levels. Some have elements that increase their attack skills, while some obtain higher defense power that empowers them to deal more damage.


If you get your heroes from OpenSea or other crypto collectible marketplaces, you can check them out at your “Inventory,” which is located in the Menu section. You might not see your collections directly when you first click on that page. Because what you just purchased are stored on Ethereum Network and need to be transferred to the Crypto World in order to show up in the gameplay.

All you have to do is to switch to the “Ethereum Network” section. And there you go, you will see your heroes. They are stored on the blockchain, safe and sound, waiting to be called up to battles.  

What Can I Do with My Heroes?

Once you’ve assembled your heroes in the crypto world, you’re ready to get started. Players can take advantage of the Node System by sending your team to the battlefield, netting you a variety of combat benefits including extensions, Crypto Energies which can level your hero up, and more.


Some options allow you to adjust the strategies of fighting with enemies. If you play the game like me on normal without making the game more difficult for yourself, you should have no problems. If you want to play it more strategically, below are some ways to increase your chance of winning:


  1. Based on the difference of each hero’s skills and strength, you can arrange their fighting order accordingly. It’s up to you whether or not saving your trump card to the end.

  1. Additionally, you can change each hero’s attack combinations. Click on the hero and drag the action bar to change its order.

  1. Equip your heroes with extensions:


Same as heroes, extensions that can enhance your hero’s performance is also categorized into 5 different levels: common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. You can either purchase ORIGINAL extensions with GUM at the marketplace or get them from Nodes.


Besides the originals, there are also Replicas of the original extensions that can arm your heroes. Replicas are divided into 7 rarity levels and can be acquired only by winning the node. Compared to the original extensions, they are not made into ERC-721 tokens and therefore not tradable. You can either use your replicas to equip heroes or convert them into GUMs at a real-time exchange rate.

Press the “Bare Hands” button to attach an extension on your hero.

Other Things That Worth Mentioning

  • Hero Dictionary

Most if not all characters in your party are memorable and got something special. The heroes appearing on MCH are based on big names in the actual world, each with a unique design that shows exactly that person’s feature - from Albert Einstein to Fukuzawa Yukichi, the famous Japanese writer that all Japanese carry around a picture of him in their wallets. Curious about what other characters are there? Click on the “Hero Dictionary” section in the menu bar and check them out.

  • Edit the Hero’s Profile Picture

Since each original hero is essentially an ERC-721 token, you are the one who calls the shots for the appearance of your own heroes. If you go to the detail page of a hero, you can change its profile picture by clicking on the “Art Edit” button and uploading a new image. Once it gets changed, the hero will acquire additional skills (such as “white candy” or “red strike”).


Similar to most crypto games, a lack of storyline makes it less attractive compared to many of its centralized RPG counterparts. However, it is very much understandable since the whole industry is still in its experimental and swift-changing stage. We look forward to more improvements in My Crypto Heroes. Overall the experience is incredible. Take on the role of one of the heroes, build up your own team to win the battles against enemies. The game doesn’t need those bells and whistles to captivate crypto players. It is definitely one of those hidden gems that you find in blockchain gaming.



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By Jessie Zhou

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