Back to the Basics and Detox Your Centralized Life

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Last week, 20 new dapps were listed on our platform. 8 dapps are Ethereum-based, 5 TRON-based, 3 EOS-based, and the remained 4 dapps are from other blockchains, such as Blockstack, etc.


With apps taking over our lives, we’re giving away our private information and data to You-Know-Who. There is no better time than now to detox “centralized” life by starting using decentralized apps.


Check out these new dapps to simplify your life and optimize income without risking your privacy: 


dPhone: Make your call from a simple and secure dapp

Do you often get calls from “unknown”? Do you want to keep others from listening in on your calls? dPhone is here to help. By leveraging Blockstack, dPhone provides a secure way that all your calls are performed directly between you and others. 


Like other calling app, you can find dPhone on Google Play and install it for free on your phone. But the main difference from Telegram and others is dPhone is open source and decentralized, meaning every call is protected by high-grade, authenticated, end-to-end encryption, and without running through any central servers. 


To start using dPhone, all you need to have is a Blockstack ID, no phone number or SIM card is required. You are the only one who owns your data — not just calls, contacts, and call history. All the information is stored and encrypted with your Blockstack ID, and you will know the person you’re speaking with is who they say they are. 


Choon: Stream the music and get your fair share

We all have a rough idea of indie musicians usually get a very low paid. But how low? Spotify pays about $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream and that amount will be split among the record label, producers, songwriters, promoter...You do the math, musicians only get to pay a tiny bit of share.


The Choon team wants to solve the music industry's most fundamental problems and help artists to get a fair share with a faster and fully transparent payment and royalty system, no more middle man. Built on top of Ethereum, Choon allows independent musicians to earn cryptocurrency for every stream of their tracks. 


If you use Spotify or Apple Music, you will find a similar user experience on Choon, but help musicians earn more money by playing more songs. Also, you can share your thoughts about the song by leaving a note to your fellow listeners. 


If you are an artist, you can upload your music to Choon right after you sign up. Then you will need to set up a Smart Record Contract for each song, which Choon tracks those data to pay and reward you every day in NOTES tokens. Choon will distribute 80% of the income directly to you and the rest of 20% will be used to improve the platform for the benefit of everyone. 


Musicians, go sign up and drop some beats on Choon now! 



RARE Art: Sell and promote your artwork digitally and directly

RARE Art is a marketplace that you can discover, collect, and display limited-edition digital art. You can directly support artists by purchasing artworks, and you can showcase the art collection on your own TV screen — 100% digital! 


Wonder why all the artworks on RARE Art are truly limited edition? Because they are authenticated by the Ethereum with a Certificate of Authenticity token. One Certificate of Authenticity is equal to one digital print. For example, if an artwork has five editions, there are only five tokens. You can check the tokens on Etherscan. If you buy the artwork, you will be one hold this token.  


To purchase an artwork is easy, you can pay with your credit card and you will finally own the digital art with a certificate of authenticity and right to display this artwork.

JustSnake: Relive your childhood memories and enjoy a simple game

Complicated games can be very engrossing, but sometimes you just want to take your mind off things and play a simple game. 


Remember Snake on your old Nokia phone? The one and only Snake game from the good old days (oh please, we all miss those pre-smartphone days at some point) is back! Now it’s on the blockchain, powered by Blockstack and accept BTC via Lightning Network!


Sign in with your Blockstack account to play the game. Your account will be associated with your score. The game is free to play but to continue will need to pay 25 cents. One “continue” per gamer and one credit equals one “continue”. You can add more credits by paying with BTC. 


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