A Modern Workplace with Blockchain--Arcane docs, sheets, photos and maps

2019-08-27 05:05:00 · 5984 views · 3 min read

As we keep hearing about data breach news of big companies, it is harder for us to keep trusting them with our privacy. Can we find a better way to solve it? Arcane team has been building an entire office system on top of Blockstack to give people a reliable and secure option to G-Suite.  


But wait a minute — is that possible to use those “software” as easy as Google ones? Yes! Those dapps just work smoothly and seamlessly as any other G-Suite apps on any modern devices, most importantly, you will never ever worry about losing your personal data and keeping your sensitive file from others.


Arcane Office chooses a server-less and encrypted solution — the encrypted files are on the cloud so it can handle high demand as the best services out there. The encryption keys are secured with blockchain and stored distributed. Remember Pied Piper from Silicon Valley? The Arcane team is bringing “Pied Piper” products into your daily (work) life. 

Arcane Docs: Decentralized, encrypted alternative to Google docs

As a full-featured online document editor, you can create documents, collaborate with others, or import from Google Docs and Microsoft Word. All save and secure on blockchain-based cloud storage with high industry standard encryptions. You can also create a share link and start collaborating in private too. 


Arcane Sheets: New way to create and store spreadsheet

Just like the spreadsheet on Google and Dropbox, you can create sheet or import from Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. Also, it’s very easy to collaborate in private and share your work sheet with others.


Arcane Photos: Safe home to organize and store photos 

In Arcane Photos, all the photos will be encrypted first and then stored in the storage of choice. It comes with free storage by default. You can always choose another storage provider or even host your own — if you are techy or an enterprise. (Psst, it is fully GDPR compliant, so the right choice for your clients' photos).


It is free and available for use in any modern browser right now, and mobiles versions are on the roadmap. 


Arcane Marks: Redact, annotate and share images without worrying about privacy

Hide or mark up essential parts of your image by simply clicking and dragging on it. You can use Marks to mark up pictures, screenshots, or document. Then save or share your snap in the most secure way available from the app. This is a useful tool for everyone how to want to share documents or photos and want to redact something. 

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