AMA Episode 9 | Guest: Jason Rosenstein, CEO & Co-founder of Portion

2019-02-16 02:41:52 · 3878 views · 3 min read

On this episode of AMA, we’re so pumped to collaborate with The Creative Crypto Magazine - the first magazine powered by Steem blockchain that brings a new wave of crypto creativity. This will be our first collaborative AMA and more to come!


“We’re now joining forces to bring you insights with leading creative influencers in blockchain - founders of artist dapps, creators of ‘CryptoArt’, and thought leaders that are helping establish the presence of decentralized innovation in the art world and beyond.” - Michael Lee, Director of Operations at The Creative Crypto and  Co-founder at Sndbox.


This time The Creative Crypto Magazine and are inviting Jason Rosenstein, CEO and Co-founder of Portion to join us and talk about art, tech, innovation… Ask Jason anything!


The AMA recap will be featured on The Creative Crypto.


About Jason Rosenstein

Jason is an entrepreneur and blockchain developer who identified the transformative and multifaceted capabilities of blockchain technology in 2011. He began building powerful machines to generate cryptocurrency and produced prototypes demonstrating the capabilities made possible by blockchain. Before Portion, he successfully co-founded two companies where he oversaw and developed technology for efficient mining and IoT capabilities. After receiving a degree in computer science from NYU in 2016 with the formation of two companies under his belt already, Jason began Portion, a culmination of his experience to date.


About Portion

Portion liberates creatives and collectors by eliminating intermediaries and bloated fees seen in the traditional art and collectibles industry.


AMA session: Thursday, 1:00 - 1:30 PM EST, February 21, 2019.

Questions submission: Comment below with your question(s) before 12:00 PM on Thursday, February 21, 2019.


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