Alright Sports-fans, Crypton Racing is FINALLY here!

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We know you’ve been breeding your Crypton, aiming for the cutest ones possible, but many people have asked, “What’s the future of Crypt-Oink?”, “Where’s the value in these so-called ‘Crypton’?’”

Well, their cute appearances aside, it’s time to put your Crypton to test in our first game installment, Gran Ton Rismo (Crypton Racing)!


When you log into your account, you should see a new Race tab available!!

On your Mark…

…Get Set…



December 17th (Beta Release!!)

┗Crypton Training

┗Release of Skills

┗Race Courses open

┗Weekly races (12/17 - 12/24, 12/24 - 12/31, 12/31 - 1/7, 1/7-1/14)


How Crypton Racing works



Raising your Crypton

Speed: A beneficial factor when breaking through barriers on Straight and Speed courses.

Power: Beneficial for getting past Gaps and other traps

Stamina: Beneficial for the latter half of long courses

Energy: To Train your Crypton, or enter it into a race, energy is needed. Energy recovers over time.

Age: Cryptons age. Every time a Crypton is trained, it ages a month, for every race, two months. (Ex. A Crypton at level 0 will become 1 after being raised 12 times.) Depending on the age, Stats rise. After reaching a Stat peak at a certain age, they will decline. Stats have a fixed ceiling reached at Age 10.

※Crypton do not die.




With Training, speed, power, and stamina attributes are strengthened at random.

Depending on the number of existing ★’s The speed at which leveling up an attribute changes.

Example: A Crypton with the following Stats: Speed — ★6, Power — ★1, Stamina — ★ 1, will have a higher change of raising ‘Speed’ when training.


During the Race





During races, if certain conditions are met during the race, special abilities will be activated. Skills are associated with accessories on the Head, Body, and Feet. Varieties such as “Boost”, “Shielding”, “Poison” and many more exist. Skills may also be inherited from parents at birth.

Note: Skills do not have a 100% fire rate, the fire rate is a result to how you’ve bred your Crypton!

Race Obstacles

Race tracks will have their own unique designs and challenges, with obstacles and hazards in place acting as a gauntlet. Here’s a list of obstacles you can expect


Hurdle:Cheer on your Crypton to help it clear this obstacle!

Sand Trap:Plow through sand that’s sure to be tough on the body.

Gigantic Fans:It’ll be hard to advance with huge gusts being blown in your face. Cut through!

Mud:Power through the thick mud.

ThunderStorm:If hit by thunder, your Crypton will be temporarily stunned.

Thorns:Surely to take a toll on the feet. Power through!


Q1 (planned as of 12/17)

・Close of Beta

・Official release

┗Race Pacing feature

┗Shop, Items

┗Equippable Accessories

┗Official races, Tournaments, monthly cups

┗Victory Bonuses


By participating in races, it’s possible to strengthen your Crypton which in turn may given them more value in the marketplace if you choose to sell it off!


What are you waiting for? See you in the race!

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