AirNFTs First-Ever NFT Launchpad Is Live!

2021-08-18 23:00:00 · 1132 views · 4 min read


Want to learn more about NFT Launchpads and how you can earn by supporting the projects you love? AirNFTs are launching its first-ever NFT Launchpad.



As they promised during their project roadmap we intended to organize the first NFT based launchpad program on the platform. And for this special occasion, we wanted to announce the AirNFTs public raise as the first NFT launchpad ever organized.



Users will have the opportunity to purchase these launchpad NFTs that will be converted into AIRT tokens at the end of the program.



We have allocated 20% of the total supply for the public launchpad program. From day one, we have always wanted to be a community-first funded project, where our users are the most significant holders and would have a word in the future direction of the project.



Since the project has never sold any tokens to private investors, we decided the best way to kick start a fundraiser was to make sure our users have the same opportunities that private investors would otherwise have.



How to participate?


Get started in 3 simple steps:



At the end of the launchpad, we shall distribute all AIRT allocation to the buyers with respect to the amount they purchased. The participants can also sell their launchpad NFTs on the secondary market.




Why own $AIRT?

  • Participate in vote and governance - decide on the future of the project.

  • You will be able to stake $AIRT and earn rewards.

  • Exclusive allocation spots in future launchpads on the platform.

  • Participate in liquidity mining programs to earn even more rewards.

  • AIRT will be deflationary, where a portion of tokens will be burnt every quarter.

  • The team will allocate raised funds to boost development to ship on-chain royalties, auctions, and cross-chain support on Polygon, ETH, Avalanche, etc,...

  • Earn trading fees from provided liquidity on DEXes.

  • Trade AIRT without price impact.

  • The team will add AIRT/BNB liquidity for trading for those willing to sell later or speculate.

  • Discounts, AIRT will be the utility token for all activities on the platform.



Check out NFT Launchpad here:



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