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Welcome to Hacktober! Or shall we say Spooktober? We’ve got a series of events lined up — for dapp developers as well as for you to keep you educated, entertained, and inspired. 


Do you want to get more things done, keep your life organized, or learn a new skill? You should probably give yourself a head start this October and don’t have to wait until New Year’s to make your move. And whatever you choose to do, you can always accomplish more with dapps. 


Here’s a roundup of the new dapps that can help you achieve more. 


PLAiV helps you keep everything under control 

PLAiV is an encrypted online planner that helps you organize events, fulfill plans, and keep you stay on track. With Blockstack technology, you no longer need to worry about those centralized giant tech companies sharing your data without your consent.


To stared using PLAiV, you need a Blockstack ID. PLAiV allows you to easily create tasks and set up a deadline on your dashboard. All your data is encrypted, so not just day-to-day events, your data will be under your and only your control too. Also, it provides unlimited storage, meaning it could be your life-time event planner and it’s totally free.


We will see if PLAiV has future plans for building a collaborative tool and platform for the remote team — we’d love to try Notion or Trello alternative on PLAiv! 


Dclouds brings you peace of mind and keeps files secure

Dclouds is a blockchain-based alternative to iCloud. We’ve seen a few dapps that have been tapping into the cloud service and what’s special about Dclouds is you will be able to use it just like iCloud — all your files, photos, notes, contact lists, and calendar — you can create, upload, and organize them all in the Dclouds. The sharing feature is awesome too. Unlike iCloud, Dclouds gives you full control over your data by utilizing the Blockstack Gaia storage system. 


Dclouds has a clean and simple design, and it’s free to use. It could be your perfect go-to dapp in your daily life!

Play Cryptocells, learn biotech and be a lifesaver

If you love biotech, this one is for you. 


Cryptocells is a collectible game that built on top of Ethereum. You will learn all sorts of medical-related knowledge through the gameplay, sounds fun, right? To start the game, you will need to collect the basic CC9 (a utility token) and a differentiated bio asset (an NFT as Cryptocell DNA). Once you have your bio assets, you can either breed and trade them in the marketplace, or use them to play the games to support research and innovation that help save lives in the real world.


Level up your cooking skills with Magic Spoon 

Just like Food52 and SideChef, Magic Spoon is a place to create and store tasty recipes, but on the blockchain. It helps you save your recipes on the Blockstack-based storage and it respects you and your data privacy — no one can steal your grandma cinnamon roll recipe without your permission! 


We love cooking so we love Magic Spoon. With this cooking dapp — we believe it’s the first food-themed lifestyle dapp, you'll be inspired and organized in the kitchen and on the blockchain! You can share your recipes with friends and family, and teach them how to cook like a pro:) 


Give it a try and don’t forget to share your Halloween food ideas on Magic Spoon with us!


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