A Very Egg-Citing Dragonereum Giveaway

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Egg-Citing News! Dragonereum team is giving away 10 dragon eggs - there are only 10,000 eggs (on a side note: MOST of them are gone already) and each of them with a unique set of skills and abilities. From January 24th to January 30th, you will have the chance to own one of those precious eggs - and that will be one step closer to breed your own dragon baby with a rare body part and join the battle!  


How to Participate:


1. Retweet/share this post and tag 2 friends.

2. Follow @dragonereum Twitter.

3. Comment your favorite dragon below on this page.


10 winners will be chosen randomly on January 31st, 2019




About Dragonereum:


Dragonereum is a crypto collectible game with PvP battles. You can own, trade, interbreed, and battle other dragons. Also, you will be able to collect rewards and achievements along the way. Dragonereum is the ultimate cross between complex gameplay and decentralized technology.


What makes this game stand out from other crypto collectible games?

  • Truly decentralized: The team is aiming to build the first truly decentralized digital scarcity game, where developers do not have any control over the game once it is deployed. The community will have the ability to verify all the transactions and actions without the involvement of trusted third parties.

  • Breeding with mutations, dominant and recessive genes, a penalty for inbreeding: Similar to the natural world, every gene in the game can be recessive (weak) or dominant (strong). Every breeding may cause a mutation and the interbreeding of two close relatives will have negative consequences for the offspring.

  • Dragon diversity: There are five different types of dragons you can own (water, fire, air, earth, cyber). They will result in 2,758,547,353,515,625 different breeds when combined (that is without inbreeding and Mystery genes). If all those dragons are to be evenly distributed among the population of the Earth, each person would receive around 360,000 varieties of dragons.

  • Advanced gameplay with level ups, battles and in-game cryptocurrency: A player will have to choose a type of dragon to control, decide on a battle strategy, determine which skills to train with experience earned in battles and how to get better offsprings. Or just win GOLD/ETH by predicting the outcome of gladiator battles betting on other players.

                                                                             Image by @savetheales

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