A Purrfect Kitties-Centric Hackathon

2018-11-23 02:32:45 · 5604 views · 5 min read

Once in a while, we have hackathons - we call it Dappathon. We invite hundreds of hackers over, open up a few rooms in a co-working space, order pizzas, stock Red Bulls, and build dapps to solve day-to-day problems. But this time was different. Last weekend, we had the chance to partner with TechCrunch China along with other fellow partners CryptoKitties and Animoca Brands and host a hackathon in Shenzhen.

The challenge was “Develop an Ethereum based decentralized application (dapp) utilizing the CryptoKitties API” - a unique kitty-flavored challenge. It integrated blockchain technology and gaming. Everyone was able to experience and get value from the digital assets, and crypto collectibles.

The teams had only 24 hours to finish their dapps, and prepare for their PowerPoint presentation for the judges, mentors, and the inquisitive audience. During the 24 hours period, all we did was create, share ideas, and think of our favorite furry friend - CryptoKitties.

The Winners and Awards

The final projects included some of the most creative and innovative ideas you could imagine. Also, we got to see the codes that hackers upload to the Gitee in real time, which was very exciting.


1st Place: Loay Yari.

The team of 5 were total strangers before the hackathon. They teamed up on the first day and came up the idea of building a hardware controller (or we should say “Cattroller”) for CryptoKitties. They won the first prize, a MacBook.


It wasn’t a surprise for audiences that the team wanted to connect hardware with software and put them on the blockchain. After all, Shenzhen is famously known as the “Silicon Valley of hardware.” The team says they will keep working on the idea after the hackathon. Will it be the first hardware wallet for CryptoKitties…? We will be keeping an eye on them!

2nd Place: PokeKitties

The team delivered a beautiful presentation and showed us a Pokemon Go-like game on a location-based platform. Hopefully, we can get airdropped Kitties over their platform very soon, how cool that will be!? They won ¥6,000 RMB in BTC.

“I love the process of the hackathon, and love seeing hackers gathering here and building stuff together,” said Eugene Otto, the Ambassador of CryptoKitties.


To Be Continued…

Overall the hackathon was a success. Not only did it provide an opportunity for hackers to demonstrate the potential of blockchain and dapps, but it also gave people some great ideas of what they can do with this exciting new technology. We really enjoyed working with all of the teams, partners, TechNode, and of course, TechCrunch China.


There is enormous potential in dapps, and this early stage is extremely exciting. Dapp.com is creating a space that will enable the next generation of killer apps. We are giving developers the tools and environment with which to do great things. To manifest our mission, we will be hosting a series of hackathon challenges. If you want to partner with us, please email us at [email protected].

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