A Deep Look into CryptoMania, A New Slots Game on EOS

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CryptoMania is building a next generation, profit sharing slot machine platform on the EOS blockchain. The team aims to bring blockchain powered, fair, and rewarding slot machine gaming to slots players worldwide.


CryptoMania has just released its first title that delivers a fast and fun gaming experience while meeting the highest standards set by the international casino industry.


In this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know about the game, from playing to mining and claiming your daily dividends.


Quick Facts about CryptoMania:

  • 96% return to player rate

  • Earn up to 500x your wager with a 2,500 EOS max win

  • Spin-to-mine MANIA tokens and earn daily dividends

  • 1.6% of all wagers are allocated to the daily dividends pool

What Is the MANIA token?

MANIA is the platform’s profit-sharing token, which grants it’s holders a share of the dividends from the decentralized app’s profits. 50% of the profits are distributed to MANIA token holders daily (00:00 UTC / 8 PM EST). As more participants use the platform, more profits will be created and shared, and the value of MANIA should appreciate.


The total MANIA supply is hard-capped at 2.1 billion tokens and those tokens are to be distributed over 30 levels. The biggest allocation of MANIA tokens, at least 50% of all MANIA tokens, are reserved for players.

Currently, MANIA tokens can only be earned by playing the CryptoMania game. It is important to note that there was NO pre-mine. For each MANIA mined by players, another MANIA is minted and distributed between a marketing and bounties pool (15%), the development team (15%), and the platform’s early investors (20%).

How does CryptoMania Spin-to-Mine work?

With each 1 EOS bet the player is rewarded with a set amount of MANIA tokens. MANIA tokens are mined in 40 EOS accumulated bet cycles, consisting of 4 x 10 EOS rounds. With every accumulated 10 EOS bet by a player, a round is completed and the player is granted an increasing amount of MANIA tokens (1x-2x-3x-4x).


For example, in the first mining level players will Spin-to-Mine as follows:


- Round 1: 1.6 MANIA per 1 EOS bet

- Round 2: .2 MANIA per 1 EOS bet

- Round 3: 4.8 MANIA per 1 EOS bet

- Round 4: 6.4 MANIA per 1 EOS bet



Approximately 50% of all MANIA mining will be earned via MEGA BONUS events. Every time a player completes a 10 EOS accumulated betting round, a MEGA BONUS event takes place where the player has a 1/40 (2.5%) chance to win a huge MANIA MEGA BONUS prize.


The MEGA BONUS prize is always 10x the amount of MANIA mined by completing a full 40 EOS betting cycle. For example, in the first mining level, players can win an astonishing 1,600 MANIA (the equivalent of 400 EOS normal Spin-to-Mine mining reward).

How to Stake Your MANIA and Earn Daily Dividends?

You will need to stake your MANIA tokens first to get your share of the daily dividends.


Here’s how to do it:


  1. Enter the ‘Stake for dividends’ page from the main menu.

  2. Stake your MANIA by entering the amount you wish to stake and clicking the “STAKE” button.

  3. Your share of the profits will automatically go towards your balance daily (00:00:00 UTC / 8 PM EST). Click the “CLAIM BALANCE” button to claim your balance.

  4. If you wish to use your MANIA tokens elsewhere, you will need to click the “UNSTAKE” button. Unstaking takes 24 hours and unstaking more MANIA while unstaking is in progress will reset the 24-hour timer.

How to Start Playing the Game?

  1. If you on the browser:​ please visit CryptoMania​, and log-in with Scatter.

  2. For mobile:​ You may look CryptoMania up on mobile wallets, such as TokenPocket, Meet.One, Nova, Math Wallet, BitKeep, and Starteos. Also, you can play the game via any EOS mobile wallet by entering the game URL directly.

  3. Set your desired bet amount by pressing ‘+/-’. The max bet is currently 5 EOS for a max win of 2,500 EOS in a single spin. That’s a whopping 500x.

  4. To start the game, click on ‘SPIN’ or hold the ‘SPIN’ button to enable the auto spin function.

  5. Click the ‘INFO’ button to see the paytable and game rules.

  6. Click the MEGA BONUS coin or question mark to see the mining info.

The fact that slot machines account for ​more revenue than all other casino games combined coupled with the advantages DLT and tokenization bring to the table make CryptoMania something to keep a close eye on.


It’s also worth mentioning that CryptoMania is providing guaranteed fairness with their unique implementation of the Mersenne Twister algorithm -- the only pseudorandom number generation (PRNG) method approved by the international casino industry.


For more information, you can visit ​CryptoMania​ where there are helpful sections on ​FAQ​s and fairness​. Or, join their ​Telegram group​.


“Win the MEGA BONUS and become an instant MANIA whale!”



You must be 21 years of age to click on any gambling related items even if it is legal to do so in your location. Recognizing that the laws and regulations involving online gaming are different everywhere, players are advised to check with the laws that exist within their own jurisdiction or region to ascertain the legality of the activities which are covered. The game provided by CryptoMania team is based on blockchain, fair, and transparency. When you start playing these games, please take note that online gambling and lottery is an entertainment vehicle and that it carries with it a certain degree of financial risk. Players should be aware of these risks and govern themselves accordingly.

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