Why You Should Trade with Limit Orders on KyberSwap

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Remember the time when you wanted to buy a token and the order book was empty? Or when you’re asked to deposit your cryptocurrencies into a centralized trading account and hope the custodian is secure? No such worries with KyberSwap!

KyberSwap is a DEX (decentralized token exchange) powered by the Kyber Network protocol. KyberSwap has removed the need for order books and deposits, allowing your trade to be executed almost instantly (~30 seconds) in a decentralized manner. At no point does the KyberSwap platform hold your funds, so you can trade with a piece of mind. KyberSwap currently supports over 70 different ERC20 tokens, including WBTC, MKR, DAI, BAT, LINK, USDC, ENJ, and KNC.


Whenever you need a fast, simple, and secure token exchange, just connect your Ethereum wallet and swap! It’s as simple as that.


Limit Orders

With KyberSwap’s new feature —Limit Order, a non-custodial limit order, users don’t even need to monitor volatile crypto markets 24x7 as they can place orders to buy/sell tokens at their desired rate. Unlike typical DEXs, NO deposits and withdrawals are required.

Funds are transferred only when the trade is executed, saving users transfer and deposit fees typically charged on traditional exchanges. KNC holders even get discounts on trading fees. For example, anyone holding 2,000 KNC in his wallet at the time of limit order creation will get 20% discount on fees! Discount is higher for higher amounts of KNC.


You can manage and cancel orders anytime. Most importantly, users maintain custody of their own funds at all times, improving security without sacrificing utility.


More details are provided at Limit Order Page, FAQs, and Limit Order infographic.


Why You Should Use KyberSwap Now

Trade on the go

KyberSwap is on mobile as well (currently on iOS App.Android app is coming soon) to allow users to trade crypto on the go! Just connect your wallet once and enjoy the simplicity of token swaps and price alerts on your mobile phone.


Track specific tokens in a ‘Favourite’ watchlist (by clicking the star sign on the far right of the token). With one easy glance, you can look at all the tokens you’re considering buying. If the price is great, swap for it immediately! If not, place a limit order.

On mobile, you may even receive powerful signals on popular and trending tokens, based on KyberSwap’s robust analytics software.



Other useful features

Live Charts: KyberSwap provides professional Trading View Charts to help you determine token buying or selling activity and trends, as well as help narrow down the entry or exit price point for any trade. With KyberSwap, live charts are available for different time frames (1h, 2h, up to 1min) and different time periods (3 months and beyond). Popular technical indicators and charting tools are readily available for you to find the right trade.

Price Alerts: The volatile nature of cryptocurrency makes risk management absolutely essential. Token price moves 24x7 and it’s extremely difficult to track the prices all the time. To make life easier for everyone, KyberSwap allows users to set Price Alerts to get notified whenever the token price hits your target alert level. 

Check for the best token price: KyberSwap provides competitive rates, aggregating through various liquidity sources to give you the best token price. The swap rate or price of the token you are swapping for varies depending on the token quantity requested (swap value). For certain tokens, a higher requested token quantity can result in a higher token price. KyberSwap provides a convenient visual aid to help you navigate the most competitive rates!

Just KyberSwap

With decentralized token swaps, non-custodial limit orders, and support for over 70 different tokens, KyberSwap is the perfect DEX for any crypto trader that values speed, security, and convenience. 


Need to trade tokens? Just KyberSwap.


You can find KyberSwap online here: 

- Website: kyberswap.com 

- Blog: medium.com/kyberswap

- Twitter: twitter.com/kyberswap

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