The Dawn of CryptoCollectibles

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The idea of romanticism which gained its momentum towards the mid of 18th century gave a lot of art to the mankind, the hallmark of which is Vincent van Gogh. After which Cubism movement came into being lead by Pablo Picasso. Even though they weren’t appreciated in their own time, they are heroes. And here we are: hanging art created by them in our living room as a status symbol, as a show of our classy taste. People around the world, from all different cultures, have a knack of collecting paintings, sculptures, prose and poetry, musical symphonies from all time periods not just for the sake of keeping the culture alive but also to set a status in the present society at large.


The one who owns Picasso’s Le Rêve would inherently be assumed to have a classy taste in art and culture. Also, he or she would be the only one in the whole world to have the original canvas. Nobody else would have the same piece of art.


Times changed, and so did the art.

These days common people feel lucky to have a baseball card of their favorite player. People even trade these sport-cards for money. Slowly, paintings became a thing of antiquity and the young blood dwelled into other things like baseball cards, stamps, coins and what not!


Yet again, the concept of collectibles is getting disrupted!

Now is the time of blockchain revolution, and with that come crypto-collectibles. By definition, these collectibles do not have a physical form. They exist digitally on the computer. You won’t be able to hang these on your living room’s wall or hold them in your hand but you can certainly trade them for real money. Also, the collectible you own is unique to you. Nobody else in the whole world would own the same collectible as you.


This leads me to a fantastic dapp known as SuperRare. As an artist, you can sell your paintings as crypto collectables on this platform and get Ethers in return. As an art enthusiast, you can buy the crypto collectibles (paintings) in exchange of ethers. The good part is your transactions are totally secured because this application runs on ethereum blockchain.



The artworks put up on the dapp are originally created by the artists.


This is a way to revive lost culture of art.  

We all saw how the dotcom took down the entertainment industry because of piracy. dapps like SuperRare are emerging to combat with the same issue of piracy so that the creators of art can be given the due credit for their piece of work. One can not copy-paste the art. Only one instance of art can exist at any point of time in the whole world.


You can check out a lot of cool stuff created by artists all over the world at 


There are a myriad of other cryptocollectables in the blockchain market like CryptoKitties, Crypto Panda, Crypto Zombies and what not!


When you hear someone say blockchain revolution will bring about a golden era for all the industries on the planet, you hear them right. No industry will remain untouched with the technology of blockchain.


So what are you waiting for! Go check out the CryptoArt at and start flaunting the art you purchase.

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