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Today there are thousands DApps build on the Ethereum network, which makes it the leading DApp platform. So, for my first assignment with DApp.com I loaded my wallet with .4 Ethereum ($172), and hit the blockchain to put my ETH where my mouth is. Where will I be spending my ETH? You’re moments away from finding out! Please note that the numbers/figures presented in this article are based on data from Wednesday, June 27th, 2018. Ethereum at $430.


CryptoKitties (https://www.cryptokitties.co/)


A test version of CryptoKitties was unveiled at ETH Waterloo on October 19th, 2017. On November 23rd, 2017, the CK website launched. In my opinion, this is where the history of DApps, especially games, collectibles and digital assets, will begin. When a new user makes their way into the CryptoKitties Discord channel one of the first questions they ask is “What kitty should I purchase?” Responses will range based on numerous factors, but generally most users will suggest Gen 0 kitties, and while Gen 0 cats might be the best option for “game play” they might not be the best from a collecting perspective.


There may be certain cats down the line that are more coveted than the roughly 50,000 Gen 0 cap. Today I have my eyes set on something less obvious, sub #10,000 ID kitties, also know as “Collector” kitties. Of the kitties that have IDs under #10,000, that aren’t founders, exclusives, or reserved for promotional purposes there are approximately 7,000 “collector” kitties. No one from the CryptoKitties team could get me an exact number, but that means there will be roughly 43,000 more Gen 0 kitties (not including sub #10,000 Gen 0) than “collector” kitties when all is said and done. Take this into perspective, kitty #10,001 was born on November 28th, 2017, which is five days after the launch of the website. “Collector” kitties say “I was there at the beginning” like no other. It’s like having a Gen 1 Charizard or Beanie Baby from 1993, both of which can still sell for a pretty penny today. If Gen 0 kitties matter down the line, so will “collector” kitties, if not more so.


The floor for “collector,” kitties generally sits at around .1 ETH ($43 USD) right now. That being said, a player by the name of “Django Bits” is currently dumping “collector” kitties well below the traditional floor. #6742 (https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/6742), #6762 (https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/6762), #6779 (https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/6779), #6787 (https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/6787), #6798 (https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/6798), #6913 (https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/6913), #6977 (https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/6977) and #9199 (https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/9199) are all sitting at around .05 ETH each ($21.50 USD). That’s a hell of a deal, in my opinion, especially if CK can establish long-term success. Today I’m purchasing kitty #6742 (https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/6742) for .05 ETH ($21.50 USD).



I feel a sense of pride in sharing with you all that CryptoKitties is the DApp that introduced me to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and the overwhelming potential for DApps. That being said, this will be my first CK purchase in weeks. For some reason, it seems easy to talk about CryptoKitties like they’ve been around for decades. They’ve had a lot of stumbles and negative press over the last few months. The question is can they recover? What worries me most is not the potential for the CK platform, but the ability of those behind the scenes pulling the strings to pull said strings successfully. At the end of the day CryptoKitties still shows the greatest potential to introduce new people to this emerging market. It is unquestionable that they have the best brand awareness outside of the crypto world, but will those in charge keep failing the community, driving the product into the ground, or will they knock one out of the park? In conclusion, my purchase today is based on nostalgia, in memoriam of the CK “glory days,” and in hope that things can turn around.


Axie Infinity (https://axieinfinity.com/)


“I got the Origin with the double Mystic. Hype. Lam Handsome lips to be specific. Lit, lit, lit!” If you haven checked out the “Axie Infinity Rap,” (https://youtu.be/vDDO6zaglZs) or “Axie Infinity: The Musical,” (https://youtu.be/rlBwpi4M6Is) you’re missing out on all the hype! Ask anyone in the Axie Infinity Discord channel where they should invest in this game and two words will flood the feed, “Origin. Mystic.” “Origin” refers to Axie that were available during the game’s pre-sale, and since have been available via “Axie Origin Coins” (AOC). In total there will only ever be 3,993 Origin Axie possible. They are identified by a red “Origin” tag on the Axie’s profile, and a yet to be revealed cosmetic, called the “Origin Mark.” “Mystic” refers to Axie body parts that are rare in nature, exclusive to Origin, non-inheritable through breeding, will have special animations, and be able to reach legendary status when battles launch. Put them together and you have “Origin, Mystic,” the holy grail. There are currently only 1,325 Origin, Mystic, Axie. Land yourself a double, or triple Mystic part Axie? Become an Axie trainer legend.

So, quick, someone hold my phone while I blow my load! The floor for Origin, Mystic Axie usually sits around .5 ETH ($215 USD). Unfortunately, I don’t have it in my budget to pick up an Origin, Mystic today, but I will be spending .2171 ETH of my .4 ETH budget on Axie Infinity! First up, can’t afford a Mystic? Go for a good old fashion Origin. The floor for Origin Axie usually sits around .2 ETH ($86 USD). Earlier today I found a black, plant, Origin, ID #149 (https://axieinfinity.com/axie/149) for .149 ETH (cute price). I made him mine. Low ID #’s aren’t particularly sought after in Axie Infinity at the moment, but if the game takes off, the same concept I outlined regarding CryptoKitties will be applicable here. I also purchased a Bionic Egg, #4853 (https://axieinfinity.com/axie/4853), for .0681 ETH from the Axie Lab (https://axieinfinity.com/axie-lab). Eggs purchased from the lab grown to adult Axie, and are identifiable by their “MEO Corp” tags. I made it a point to pick up as many Bionic Eggs as possible. They will be released in “seasons,” the first of which ended on July 7th, 2018. With battles and terrariums coming soon, there’s a lot to look forward to in this game.

John Orion Young (https://www.johnorionyoung.com/index.html)


I’ve always been more of a collector than a gamer. For instance, as a child I was a major collector of Magic The Gathering and Pokemon, cards, but I never actually played the games as they were intended. My cards were wrapped in protective cases, packed away, and for the most part have remained there. One of the things that intrigued me most about blockchain technology is it’s capacity to change the art/collector markets. This past Valentine’s Day a piece of blockchain-based art, called The Forever Rose, by Kevin Abosch, sold for $1 million USD to a group of 10 collectors. Physical pieces of art can also be verified on the blockchain, which will play a major role in preventing reproductions, or fakes, from entering circulation, and maintain art’s integrity.



John Orion Young is a facinating contemporary artist, focusing on VR, AI and blockchain-based artwork. He sells one-of-a-kind digital sculptures on his Ethereum based art market. Given my passion for this space, I put my ETH where my mouth is and picked up one of his pieces tited “Slobber Saw,” for .115 ETH ($48.61 USD). I can’t wait to see his work exhibited in Decentraland one day.




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