Five Cryptocurrency Tools You Need

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Whether you are a budding cryptocurrency investor, or you have an idea rolling around in your head to launch an ICO of your own, there are a few things you need to help you succeed.

With so much happening in the crypto space these days, it can be hard to keep up momentum and stay on track with volatility and advancements. What’s more, if you are planning an ICO for your company, you no doubt have a lot of information to keep straight and depend on when investors come calling. When it comes to keeping yourself organized and informed in the cryptocurrency industry, here are five tools you need to get your hands on today.

TradingView — Chart Analysis

Looking for some expert insight into the cryptocurrency market? TradingView provides a one-stop shop for expert-driven information where you can get up-to-the-minute exchange information, advice, and current affairs related to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and ICO launches.

If you are just getting into the crypto space, TradingView might be a bit overwhelming, but stick with it. There are loads of useful information from people who are more experienced and come to learn how the markets work. For investment advice, you’ll find no better place to have a conversation with someone in real time.

CryptoMiso — Blockchain Development Tracking

For the developers in the group, Cryptomiso is a Github-based stream of information that shows how frequently pushes have been made to the Github project related to cryptocurrency software.

There are endless amounts of information that you can see when the last pushes happened, who is most active in what markets, and what software is driving the crypto industry at any given time.

If you are just starting out in the crypto space and are interested in the tech side of things, Cryptomiso is a useful website that provides detailed information about the websites and companies that are regularly updating their information.

CoinLaunch — Token Creation & Distribution

If you have an idea for a company that can benefit from an ICO, CoinLaunch should be your next stop.

CoinLaunch, a project by repeat entrepreneur Reuven Cohen, offers information and services about how to create tokens, or cryptocurrency, how to distribute them, and even hosting related to your ICO launch.

There is an ongoing and growing list of current ICOs happening around the globe. ICO-planning companies can announce their sale on the site with a description of the proposed project and details about the team focused on the project. You can even follow companies and get updates about their roadmap, launch, and success of the sale after they close. — Community Automation

Every blockchain company needs a place to share transparent information with their community. provides a space to manage your Telegram groups so you can keep your community informed and up-to-date with your progress.

“ChatMod automates security, moderation, and growth for your crypto community.”

Telegram is almost a requirement of launching a cryptocurrency company these days, and helps to automate much of the information going in and out of the chat service. Users can automate announcements, control links, create rules for automatically banning troublesome users, control spammy bots that distract your community, and more.

Simply put, ChatMod automates security, moderation, and growth for your crypto community. This is a great tool that offers a freemium version, plus paid versions with excellent options that makes a necessity!

CryptoYum — News Aggregation

CryptoYum is unique in that the news and media sources are entirely community-curated. The information is easy to read and understand, plus you can find filter the news based on the cryptocurrency. It’s a great source for news and events that impact the industry, but with an easy-to-understand unbiased tone that is accessible to everyone.

It’s a useful tool for staying informed and getting a variety of insight and opinions about the volatility and opportunity that is present in the blockchain, crypto, ICO space today.

Check out these five super useful tools online and ensure you can get in on the conversation that is sweeping the world. You’ll find yourself in possession of powerful knowledge and software that can make life easier and more productive.

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