Exoplanets.io Demo Review

2018-10-17 06:20:00 · 1593 views · 2 min read

The first time when I heard of this game was back in June 2018, right before their presale. I remember I just randomly clicked on their link out of curiosity. Now I’m back there and only a few hours in, but the game is everything I hoped it would be.

This game is educational!

Unlike many other crypto collectible games where players, or more accurate, investors, only buy and sell stuff in order to make a profit, obviously, this game has a bigger ambition. One thing that has really stood out to me is that the game assets (ERC721 tokens) in Exoplanets.io combine real scientific data. Every planet is essentially a crypto embodiment of a real exoplanet discovered by NASA. It enables players to learn about the universe on their journey. Besides, each planet is also matched to an actual cryptocurrency from the crypto market.

Just giving each planet a fancy name from NASA does not fully describe how special the game is alone. Another eye-catching concept of this game is that players will start off with a barren rock planet and will evolve it to the point where life is possible. The life rate of an ExoPlanet will be affected by the corresponding cryptocurrency performance. When the planet reaches the Space Age, a ship can be sent out to other planets and galaxies in search of minerals and resources. It’s cool, isn’t it?

Fantastic 3D Graphic Design

Clicking into any Exoplanet detail page and pressing the top left icon on that page will take you to that planet’s surface view. Exolanets.io demonstrates a mastery of design with a broad range of contrasting colors and 3-dimensional shapes. I was very impressed by the distinct differences of each planet’s view and couldn’t help reviewing more. The more planets I reviewed, the stronger the feeling that there is an entire galaxy waiting to be discovered. Each planet has a wide variety of different features, minerals, and resources. The unique shape of plants and eerily-looking rocks are really charming and stylistic. One can tell that the graphics were a key feature technologically.


Kick of the space exploration!

Now I’m happy to try the space exploration demo and get an early taste of the Resource Mining.

Although this is still a work-in-progress alpha version, the lack of a tutorial might confuse some people at the beginning, but if you give it a chance, you’ll quickly find yourself getting into the swing of things. Pressing “Space” can control the engine power; it is also the “pause” button. Oh - it is also a live multiplayer, so you might come across a dev or two while exploring space!

When your spaceship gets closer to a planet, you can press “Enter” to land on that planet and start your journey of exploration.

Resource mining is where the blockchain technology will come into play. However, the mining process was kind of boring where you just find the rocks and shoot them to harvest. Nevertheless, there are lots of interesting things to discover. While “strolling” around the planet, I was pleasantly surprised to find the command headquarter. It seemed like it was not available since it is just a demo, I was still caught up in the wonder of discovery.

My humble suggestion

As stated before, even though this is just an alpha version and we don’t know what the final version will have, I would suggest that the game could also add a map system or a “compass” to help the player better navigate the spaceship. Otherwise, it was kind of hard to control the direction only with touchpad (if you are using a laptop) and without a cursor.

Another suggestion is that the game can be more interactive. Even though I enjoyed that each time when I entered the game, I got a different spaceship assigned randomly to me. However, if there’s a marketplace where players can choose their favorite spaceship that would be great. I think the dev team has definitely thought about this before and the currently unavailable yet spectacular Space Station can function as a local market where players can trade goods and materials.

Keep up the good work!

Overall this game is fascinating for astronomy enthusiasts who are looking for a relaxing and entertaining way of learning about exoplanets and the outer space. I definitely love this new game demo and would like to recommend it to all of my gamer buddies. Looking forward to more cool and fun game features to release in the future.


By Jessie Zhou

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