Vietnam, You’ve Been Awesome!

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Hello/’Xin Chào’ everybody,


As most of you already know, we at decided to host our second leg of our #Dappathon APAC Tour in vibrant Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 28-30th September 2018!


We honestly did not expect the response in Ho Chi Minh City to be better than Kuala Lumpur but that’s exactly what happened. Approximately 131 participants consisting of developers, UIUX designers, Entrepreneurs, and student hackers filled the rooms of CoderSchool to create another successful #Dappathon yet again.

What we have noticed about the Vietnamese blockchain community is that everyone knows each other and more importantly, everyone is super friendly and willing to help. We were facing obstacles after obstacles due to our disability to not communicate in the local language, Vietnamese. However, despite these challenges, we felt it was essential for us to host #Dappathon in Vietnam because of how rapid the tech scene is growing and is now emerging to be a powerhouse in Southeast Asia. That being said, every dark cloud has a silver lining as our partners (shoutout below) were more than step in to assist us with getting the word out, helping us with our translations, local caterers and even an amazing Emcee.



The Third Prize of ($700 USD worth of crypto) was awarded to Team Sun Vibe with their incredibly creative idea of a decentralized peer to peer renewable energy trading platform that allows everyone to have their own solar rooftop in their homes and to also reinvest in other rooftop solar panels for others.  


Second Prize of ($1,500 USD worth of crypto) was awarded to Team ELOTT. They inspired to decentralized a common real-life application, the lottery and to incorporate blockchain into it to make it transparent, fair and secure. This idea with no doubt in my mind can instantly be applicable to day to day life and instantly be a big hit.


Last but certainly not least, FIRST PRIZE ($3,000 USD worth of crypto) was awarded to Team G-team with their winning dapp idea decentralizing the Will & Testament system. The judges along with the team felt that this was by far the standout idea in both #Dappathons so far. For those who are not aware, this is currently an ongoing problem and a fairly large one I might add because most countries do not have a solid Will & Testament system for the deceased and their beneficiaries which is an absolute hassle when the time comes. We were extremely impressed by the level of creativity, programming and brilliant execution and hope to see this product being applied by the Vietnamese community and also any other country that is facing the same problem.


With a heavy heart but an elevated morale, we at have to bid ‘Tạm biệt’ which is ‘Goodbye’ in Vietnamese to Ho Chi Minh and all the amazing people we have been so blessed to encounter during #Dappathon.


Stay tuned for our next #Dappathon!


The Team =)



Shoutout to our amazing partners and media!


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