Dapp.com AMA: Episode 1 - Guest FCK.com Highlights

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 We would like to thank everyone who participated in Dapp.com's first AMA last Thursday and extend a special thanks to FCK.com for partnering up with us. The community had the pleasure to ask questions to FCK.com's team literally about anything, even dice2win, which is considered to be their rivals, contributed by asking questions about the controversial aspects of FCK's products.

Here are the highlights of the one hour and half long AMA just in case you missed it which includes everything from hacking to security and from controversies to design choice.




Q1. Introducing the project and the team.
- What’s the story behind the name and team? How big is your team?
- You have an interesting domain name. How to pronounce the name?
- Did the domain cost a lot?

FCK is a decentralized game platform based on blockchain technology, with fairness, equality, transparency, openness and complete anonymousness. We have gone live various blockchain games written on Ethereum smart contract for global players. We believe in the core concept of the blockchain, that the distributed ledger and smart contract technologies will build the trust between humans, eliminate trade barriers, and improve transaction efficiency, profoundly influence the real economy.

We are a small but powerful team, our team members are senior engineers from A-list internet companies, marketing experts and experienced support staff, with a global vision, diverse cultural background and language skills, most importantly show great interest and enthusiasm toward blockchain games.

We spend a loooooooot on this domain, count how many o's in "lot" then you will know.

How to pronounce it? F-C-K, or F*CK as you wish :-)


Q2. About the technical part and security.
- There are a lot of recent issues on smart contracts.
- How do you make sure that your contract is secured?
- What would you do if you got hacked?
- When something goes wrong, how are you going to solve it?

Our IT team has run through all the known attacks to every one of our contracts, and they all passed the strict code audit from our security team. Meanwhile, by collaborating with more and more professional blockchain security companies, we are able to detect the new kinds of attacks at an early stage and solve it before any actual damage happens. At worst scenario, FCK team will compensate our players at full price.


Q3. Security is always a big headache.
- As for the security, what kind of codes you guys use for the security testing?
- I’m always curious about the random number in crypto gaming, how you guys make sure it’s 100% random?

Our security test most about running through some common attacks to contracts or code, such as Re-Entrancy, Arithmetic Over Flows, Uninitialised Storage Pointers, function's Default Visibilities, Denial Of Service, Race Conditions, etc.

As to our random number resource, we can not leak to the public considering of potential hacks. You may learn that EOS bet was under attack again a few days ago and lost $388,000 worth of token. If we leak the resource of our random number, we may suffer from the same types of attack. And the truth is the more technical details we talk the much danger place we put our system into. Therefore it’s important to keep this balance, we talk enough so that our players would trust us meanwhile talk less to prevent hackers from stealing our players’ money.


Q4. The blockchain platform.
- There are many betting games built on EOS, why are you not developing on EOS,  seems it’s faster.

FCK team has been a pioneer of blockchain technology, our games will be available not only on Ethereum but also will be built on EOS, BCH, Algorand, Skycoin and various public blockchains in the future. We chose Ethereum at current stage is because it's the rather mature and stable system compare to others after running for such a long time. We design games base on different characteristics of each public blockchain, to meet different demands from our players. Meanwhile, FCK made profound and comprehensive research on the safety and efficiency problems of the blockchain.


Q5. The controversial.
- How are you guys facing all the controversial and even negative comments and stuff?
- What are the proposed solutions to combat the potential hacking/security attacking your platform right now?

Controversial and negative comments are better than no comment. We have a clear goal and strong willing to achieve it no matter what. Which made our team rather aggressive and ambitious, leads to controversial behaviors.  

Our IT team has run through all the known attacks to every one of our contracts, and they all passed the strict code audit from our security team. Meanwhile, by collaborating with more and more professional blockchain security companies, we are able to detect the new kinds of attacks at an early stage and solve it before any actual damage happens. At worst scenario, FCK team will compensate our players at full price.


Q6. The competitors.
- How do you guys compare your project to others like FOMO3D
Ethroll, and 333ETH?
- What do you think about other similar projects like dice2win?
- Looks here’re some questions from dice2win, will you like to answer?


We don’t know other projects well enough to give any comments. If there is one thing in common is that we all contributing to this limited dapp market in our own way, the priority right now is to be making the pie bigger. And the biggest difference is that we have new self-development games go live every month and meanwhile classic ones as well. By the Q2 of 2019, there will be over a hundred games on our platform. Our partnerships are open to every project or platform. So if Fomo3D or 333ETH is interested, feel free to reach out to us.

Dice2win inspired us at the beginning as a pioneer, we respect and endorse their professions. Base on their contacts, we made some updates and innovations to some of our games. We also did open source as returns to the community. We believe that’s the way to develop the whole industry. We are always glad to answer any questions from dice2win. As we said, we are always welcoming partnerships more than the competition.


Q7. The questions from dice2win
-Why you removed any mention of dice2win from your website and smart contracts, while your dice games are 99.9% copies of that? MIT License, under which our code is open sourced, specifically prohibits that.
- Why the contracts for you two other games are unverified on Etherscan?
- How can anyone be sure they do what you claim they do without engaging into lengthy reverse engineering process?

To achieve fast growing we may use some extreme ways like most internet giants did at an early stage. Some of our games are learned from dice2win temporarily, however, we never stopped upgrading our contract and code. For instance, we think the 1% banker service fee is too high, we will consider lower this fee in the coming versions. By the way, we are more than willing to acquire dice2win if they are interested.

The two games you mentioned are One-hundred and Triple Kill, they are unverified on Etherscan because they are not open source. We haven’t open source for those two games is because we are afraid to be copied too soon. And the truth is One-Hundred has been copied already by 333ETH. Our service fee was 18%, they changed to 17%, our daily return was 10%, they changed to 3.33%. We are not saying because we are afraid of being copied we will never do open source. Actually, we are more than glad other projects found we have something they could learn. We are merely saying before we open source for our self-development games, we need to do thorough market testing and adjust everything according to so. And we believe as long as our team keeps being innovative and inspired, we shall never be bothered by this problem.


Q8. Here’s a question from a designer.
- I'm a designer, I like the website design of FCK.com. Is purple or gradient color fashionable in this industry?
- What're your thoughts on 
dapp's design?

Purple is our favorite color according to the votes, our games also designed in purple for consistency. We also enjoy the layout and UI design of Dapp.com, what can I say? That we both have great taste in design?


Q9. About the long-term plan and what’s the future holds of FCK.
- What's your long-term plan, business-wise as well as the technical part?
- When you can have more dice games?


The first boom of blockchain is money transfer, and the second is Smart Contracts, and we believe the third is killer dapp. However, due to some shortcomings of the blockchain, user experience and complexity are still not good enough compare to centralized games. While in the next 1-2 years, when new versions of blockchain like EOS, Algorand is ready, blockchain game industry will be brought to a whole new level. That’s why we are now developing a killer game which will cost us nearly a year. We can’t talk more about this game so far, but do stay tuned!
Besides the killer game, by the Q2 of 2019, there will be over a hundred games on our platform. FCK will become the biggest decentralized game platform in 1-2 years.

As to the technical part, We make sure that our team master the latest industry information and technology ideas, by frequent and deep online engagements in communities, and attend events in all kinds of formats. Our vision is to build a fast, stable, reliable and forever-lasting decentralized game platform, enable players from any country to play games such as predictions and sweepstakes, etc., anytime, anywhere, and without restrictions. They will truly witness and experience the revolution brought by blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

More dice games? Follow us then you shall be the first one to know.


Q10. FCK and Dapp.com.
- Are you going to collaborate with other projects or blockchain platforms?

For us, sure! And I think it’s the same for Dapp.com. FCK is not just a game, we’re a platform supports many public blockchains like EOS, Algorand in the future, as long as it suits the demand of our players. Our games will be self-development, as well as customized games for other project or tokens. So if you’re interested in working with us in any format to make blockchain much fun and beneficial for everyone. Our door is open like 24/7 McDonald’s. Contact us at [email protected].



Other Questions from Dapp.com Community:


Pre T:  So surprised that my question has been selected! Thank you!
I'm a fresh of dapp games, and I've just noticed that some comment mentioned about dice2win? Try to check their website and, no offense, but I DO think FCK is much more attractive to me, seems like you're working hard for the UI, anyway would like to try out your game later, cheers! (hope I could win jajaja:)

FCK:Thanks a lot! Our design team is really really expensive, not it turned to be worthy after all. May luck be on your side :-)

beachfossillsss: Will you guys plan on building an app?

FCK: Hi there, first of all, a dapp on mobile is still called dapp. The full name of dapp is a decentralized application. And the reason why we build game platform as dapp is that in a centralized world, so call “Black-Box Operation” is always possible. It will only be eliminated if it’s decentralized, means no one even the game ruler makers could control the results. So are we ever gonna have an app over dapp? I don’t think so. Are we ever gonna have a dapp on mobile? That’s highly possible. However, we consider accessing through browsers of wallets like Trust Wallet is a better alternative.

Beepee:Hi FCK team, Here's my question: 1. Why you guys choose built on Ehtereum, not EOS? I mean it's way much faster than ETH.  2. What kind of technical form should an ideal blockchain game be?

FCK: The ideal blockchain game or game platform should be completely decentralized to eliminate the distrust between player and player, player and platform. Even the random source could be provided by blockchain instead of centralized servers so that no one could ever predict the random number.
Block speed could be fast enough as centralized games, so that player experience could be ever smooth and enjoyable. Every transaction is anonymous, user’s privacy could be protected thoroughly.

John Lemon: I see that's an expensive domain. but what else makes you special?

FCK: Convince me lol I used to play Etheroll; pIt’s not just the domain, an expensive domain represents that the team is planning on a long-term objective and it’s determination to achieve it. Otherwise, we could just have a shitty domain like most of the blockchain games do, and completely erase the trace after we made some fast money. A domain like Dapp.com at least worth millions of dollars, and we see their vision and ambition through that. 

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