Dapp.com AMA: Episode 1 - Guest Fck.com

2018-10-16 11:20:29 · 3130 views · 3 min read

We have seen a rapid growth of the betting game platforms that built on both Ethereum and EOS recently. Benefit from the transparency and decentralization powered by the blockchain, betting games are leading the new waves of dapps. We understand that dapp puts its core logic and data on-chain, however, it is not controlled by anyone and the operation is completely transparent. There were quite a few cases of security problems occurred in the past few months that have caused loss of serval hundred thousands worth of tokens.


Fck.com, one of the top 20 dapps on Dapp.com Ranking, is also facing a lot of complaints from their competitors as well as Dapp.com community because of the potential Smart Contract security issues. We are inviting the Fck.com team to come to our community to answer any of the questions regarding the project itself and relevant Smart Contract security questions. 


Questions submission: Submit your question(s) by 6 PM EDT on Thursday (October 18th, 2018).
AMA sessions: AMA starts from 8 PM EDT to 8:45 PM EDT on Thursday (October 18th, 2018). 


How to Participant:
Please leave your comments/questions under this post. For quality purpose, you will have to be a registered user at Dapp.com. The selected questions will be updated in this post and you will receive an email if your question(s) are selected. 


• Please do not reply to other users' questions until FCK team has finished answering all selected questions.
• Try to be precise with your questions.
• Please be friendly to each other:) 
• FCK team will answer extra 3-5 questions if there's still some time left.

*A kindly reminder: If you want to reply someone's comment, please copy the comment first before you reply.


Also, if you are not going to ask any questions this time but you are interested in Dapp.com AMA session, you are more than welcome to come by and check it out anytime!

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