8 Things to Do with Blockchain This Christmas

2020-12-23 21:15:16 · 2412 views · 4 min read


How would you like to spend this Christmas? You might have planned a lot of meaningful activities to celebrate this festive season. 



Here are some new ideas for you - a more “decentralized” list of things to do this Christmas! Hope you enjoy this blockchain-themed Christmas plan:



1. Explain to your parents that BTC is not a scam. 

Christmas is all about staying with your family. So it’s a perfect time to explain to them what is BTC and cryptocurrency. With this product (https://www.dapp.com/article/explain-bitcoin-with-blockchain-demo), it can be easy for them to understand that BTC is not a scam at all.




2. Earn BTC while you shop.

Perhaps you’ve spent a lot on Christmas gifts. Don’t worry, you can earn BTC while shopping here. New York-based Quontic Bank has become the first US bank to offer a bitcoin rewards debit card. If you enjoy online shopping, try Lolli, a bitcoin reward browser extension that supports Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge (2 Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin As Passive Income).




3. Buy a cryptocurrency gear: Bitcoin t-shirt and socks

What about wear a bitcoin t-shirt and warm your feet with bitcoin socks! How cool! You can buy rare, limited edition DeFi Socks and stand out this Christmas. 



Only 500 DeFi socks are available in the one and only production run. A $DEFISOCKS token that can be redeemed for a pair of custom DeFi socks. Celebrate and remember 2020 - the year of DeFi!




4. Give cryptocurrency to your loved ones as a gift. 

Elon Musk is talking about Bitcoin and DogeCoin on his Twitter. Have you started your cryptocurrency journey yet? Maybe you can start now with a $30 trading fee voucher here.




5. Get a crypto hardware wallet. 

Now you can enjoy Ledger’s discount! Don’t know how to choose a wallet? Check this article: How to Find the Best Crypto Wallet?




6. Send valuable and limited edition NFTs to your kids. 

Crypto artists and blockchain games have created many adorable NFTs that kids would definitely love them! NFTs can be more expensive than you can imagine. If you are rich enough, check this article to get inspired for what to buy: 10 Most Expensive NFTs, Hundreds of Thousands for a Crypto Kitty? If not, you can still get a free snowball NFT from WAX x Dapp.com Christmas NFT giveaway!




7. Join a Christmas party campaign.

Come on, we never get tired of parties, especially in this Christmas season. You can join BetFury’s Christmas party and stand to win Tesla, free BTC and over $17,000 prizes! Or, let's celebrate BTC's new ATH at Huobi's Party! Make your BTC price prediction and win BTC back! Another party is held by FTX, where you can trade stock tokens and win Tesla, iPhone12, and even a share of Berkshire Hathaway!




8. Introduce a friend or family member into dapps.

Teach them how to set up a MetaMask wallet. Learn what is a dapp and why it is important. Recognize the difference between decentralized exchanges and centralized ones …… 



What to choose a good product and introduce to your friend and family member? Check all the Topics here.

Let this Christmas be a chance for you to introduce them to the decentralized world!



🎄 Once again, Merry Christmas everyone!



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