8 Steps to Use Blockstack Apps

2019-05-15 15:05:00 · 2015 views · 4 min read

Did you know that you can now get access to more than 50 Blockstack dapps at Dapp.com?


Building on top of the Blockstack platform, these decentralized apps have spawned a broad range of interesting ideas that use blockchain in clever and practical ways. Some seek to improve the current file storage and sharing services (Mevaul), others have created decentralized social networks with the aim of connecting people without taking advantage of user’s personal data.

With that being said, now is the time to start your Blockstack exploration. Let’s begin with creating a Blockstack account (ID).


1. Go to Blockstack web application.


2. Choose “Create new ID".

You will need a unique username and it will allow you to access to Blockstack browser as well as all Blockstack apps.

You may check the availability after you input the ID.


3. After you get your ID, “Continue” to the next and create a password, then click “Register ID”.

NOTE: The Blockstack team cannot restore your password for you.


4. Input your email for backup and recovery.

Blockstack uses this email address to send you recovery information. This email is only sent once.


5. Your ID is almost set and you will receive an email with your recovery key.

You can either click the link of “Secret Recovery Key” in the email, or you can click the link below:


6. Store your recovery key.

Copy those twelve words and save them somewhere safe.


These words allow you to recover the ID that you just created. You should save the words along with their order.


7. Verify your recovery key by selecting certain words.


8. Now you are all set! You can go back to Blockstack apps and choose the one you’d like to try out.


Here we’d like to try Graphite, a decentralized and encrypted alternative to Google Docs.


First, you need to sign up — All you need to do is choose “Continue with Blockstack”:

Then, select the ID you just created and sign in:

And, start typing and creating!

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