6 Dapps to Help Live Your Decentralized Life like a Pro

2019-11-18 05:53:08 · 8741 views · 4 min read

Last week, we had 30 new dapps joining our community, what a feat! 


Our life just keeps getting better with all the new dapps. We’ve seen some of our familiar things have been “upgraded” to shine in the decentralized world — things like an electric scooter, a Japanese fortune-telling service, an image compressor, a photo optimizer, a Twitch alternative, and an atomic swap exchange — they all have a dapp version and you can use them in your daily life. 


We’ve got an eventful week ahead of us, but now let’s dive into the latest cool dapps:


Hawk e-scooter: Decentralized way to get around

What’s cooler than driving around a city? How about strolling and sightseeing on the electric scooter?  


Hawk is a Klaytn blockchain-based e-scooter sharing network. You can not only find a close-by Hawk e-scooter and hop on anytime (it's just like any other scooter but seems to have a longer battery life), but also you can own one and rent it out to make some money. People need to pay you $1 every time they unlock your scooter, and you will charge them with a standard fee starting at $0.15 per minute. 


It's a more environmentally friendly and carbon-free way to ride an e-scooter, and not to mention, you get to keep all your riding data and personal information. Also, Hawk provides the token mining feature once you buy the scooter and get access to the network. Because of this new decentralized e-scooter, the scooter business is no longer just a fad, Hawk might be a game-changer for the electric bike-sharing industry. 


dApps Jinja: Your blockchain fortune teller

[BREAKING] Now blockchain can read your future. 


Building on top of the Ethererun blockchain, dApps Jinja is a Japanese style fortune-telling service, aka Omikuji. 


Here’s how it works: To see your future luck in the next 30 days, you will need to pay a small fee of 0.02 Ether. After that, you will get a ticket (an ERC-721 token) that shows your future with all the details. The ticket only belongs to you and you can exchange it on OpenSea — you can literally make a “fortune” of your own fortune, get it? Also, you can use the ticket in other games, which we are curious to know which games will be adding this feature soon. 


If you’re interested in the Jinja’s Omikuji theories and methods, head over to their website to know more. 


Photo Vault: Your personal photo album (with unlimited storage and it's free!)

Don’t want Google or anyone else to know you have a secret photo album? Photo Vault is a Google Photos alternative that you can use and own your photo and data safely and confidently. 


Photo Vault is a photo optimizer and storage. Powered by Blockstack, Photo Vault allows you to keep your privacy while storing and editing your photos — they will be stored securely with end-to-end encryption. With Photo Vault, you can edit amazing photos in a snap, and share your photo with a private link. The best part? You can store unlimited photos on Photo Vault for free! 


Compress Studio: Serverless image compression tool

We all have tons of pictures on our computer. Looking to make some rooms on your computer for the upcoming holiday trips? Compress Studio is a serverless image compression tool that can help you with that by turning your photos into much smaller files. 


We know you’ve probably seen many platforms like Compress Studio, but unlike other online compress tools, Compress Studio allows you to have your own private cloud and you will be the only one to see and get access to those compressed images. 


Once you log in with your Blockstack ID, drag and drop the image that you’d like to compress and save it to the place of your choice. 


SLIVER.tv: Your 24/7 eSports channel on the blockchain

A few weeks back, we put together a list of “7 YouTube Alternatives You Should Try” and now looks like we’ve got one more to add to that list — attention gamers, welcome to SLIVER.tv! 


Leveraging by the Klaytn blockchain, SLIVER.tv is a YouTube / Twitch alternative that boats the next-generation eSports entertainment platform on the blockchain, featuring 24/7 live streaming content from top games include Fortnite, League of Legends, CSGO, and more. 


You will be rewarded by TFuel tokens while watching celebrity streamers and other fellow gamers broadcast and play games. The more you watch, the more TFuel tokens you will earn. You can either donate those tokens to your favorite streamers, or you can use the tokens to purchase in-game skins and gaming gears, and even make predictions. 


Right now, SLIVER.tv is available on the Google Play store. 


Atomex: A new atomic swap DEX 

These days we are all excited about DeFi. As one of the latest DeFi products join our community, Atomex is the one that caught our eye. 


Atomex is an atomic swap DEX that allows people to securely and anonymously exchange cryptocurrency. It now supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tezos. With Atomex, you’ll be able to retain control over your private keys as well as your digital assets at all times, and no additional fees.


Atomex has its own desktop wallet and also it provides low-level APIs for integration. 


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