5 New Dapps That Stand out from the Crowd | April 2, 2019

2019-04-02 05:19:08 · 8706 views · 5 min read

This week we had a record-breaking 33 new dapps joining our community, what a feat! Among them, 


17 are Tron-based,

5 are Ethereum-based,

5 are EOS-based,

3 are Steem-based,

2 from Tomochain

and 1 from another blockchain.


Although betting dapps still dominate, we do find some amazing dapps with great UI and functions, and we cannot wait to introduce them to you. Now let’s dive into the new dapps of the week:


1. Dlike: In the age of the Internet, people can’t resist sharing things on social media. Watching the “likes” of your posts increasing gives us indescribable joy.  Now with Dlike, you can make this process more enjoyable, and rewarding. Building on top of the Steem blockchain, Dlike is a social platform that rewards its users according to the likes of each post by the community. Daily top recommended post (most dlikes) will be rewarded by Dlike and displayed on top of the front page. 


2. vimm.tv: There’s a long list of streaming platforms out there, making the research of streaming platforms overwhelming. Among them, Vimm. TV is the first Steem-based live streaming platform that gathers a growing community of passionate gamers, entertainers, and artists to create a unique live streaming experience. It aims to provide the tools they need to build a successful channel and help them grow their brand. Users get also rewarded with STEEM tokens for their content.


3. TomoMaster: TomoChain has been growing fast recently. It is a blockchain project offering a solution to the problem of scalability of smart contracts. TomoMaster, the governance dapp based on TomoChain, provides a professional UI that allows to see the list of masternodes and candidates. Users can deposit 50k TOMO to become a masternode candidate, vote for masternodes, and check masternode performance statistics.


4. Geon App: Based on the decentralized Geon Network, the Geon app allows you to get paid for simply visiting real-world locations. It is literally paying you to move and discover new, cool locations. Open up the Geon app, find a virtual Geon beacon on the world map, walk to it and you can grab Geon Coins! You can see the augmented reality (AR) Geons via your phone - there are over 1,5 million Geons all over the world and you can withdraw coins from each and every one of them. This app can be used for location-based marketing, fundraising, games, or simply fun.

5. Gakex: Gakex is the world's first decentralized binary options trading platform building on top of the Tron blockchain. It breaks the way a traditional binary options exchanges work. Based on the blockchain technology, all transactions on Gakex are transparent and secure. Investors will not have to worry about issues such as fraud or hacking. At the end of the trading time, winners who guess the right trend of the exchange rate of the currency pairs will be awarded directly with their official token. Gakex is currently ranking No.1  by 24hr Volume Growth on Dapp.com Ranking.



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